Erikson's Stages of Development

  • Trust v. Mistrust

    To overcome this stage, as a child I had to trust my parents and find comfort with them.
  • Autonomy v. Shame and Doubt

    To overcome this obstacle, as a toddler I had to learn how to do tasks in my physical environment while maintaining self-esteem. I had to learn how to complete everyday tasks and gain skills while being happy with myself and my accomplishments with the support of my parents.
  • Initiative v. Guilt

    At this age, I had to learn to initiate and not imitate activities. I also developed conscience and sexual identity. To overcome this stage I had to learn to interact with the other children in preschool and initiate my own activities. At this age I also had to discover my sexual identity and accept it to overcome this stage.
  • Industry v. Inferiority

    To overcome this stage, I had to develop a sense of self-worth by refining skills. When I was at school age and began elementary school, I had to learn skills like math and reading. As I gained these skills and learned what I was and was not good at, I developed a sense of self-worth because of the new skills I was capable of.
  • Identity v. Role Confusion

    To overcome this stage, I have to try to integrate many roles into a self-image under role model and peer pressure. I am currently in this stage as a 17 year old. I have to integrate many roles such as a sibling, student, child, and many more. While integrating these roles I also have to keep my identity and who I feel i truly am. I also have to overcome peer pressure from friends and other students and avoid doing things that I should not do.
  • Intimacy v. Isolation

    To overcome this stage in my future, I will have to learn how to make personal commitment to another as a spouse, parent, or partner. I do plan on getting married and having children once I complete college and have a comfortable life. When I get married I will make a personal commitment as a spouse. When I have children I will make a personal commitment as a parent.
  • Generativity v. Stagnation

    To overcome this stage in my future, I will seek satisfaction through productivity in career, family, and civic interests. In my future I will be seeking ways to increase my success in my career and always look for ways to be more successful. I will also want to have a productive and happy family so I will work to make my family happy and productive.
  • Integrity v. Despair

    To overcome this obstacle in my future i will have to review life accomplishments, deal with loss, and make preparations for death. In my future I will look back on all of my accomplishments and failures and reflect on my life. I will also have to deal with loss because as I get older my friends and family will being growing older as well. As I approach an old age I will have to make preparations for death and make sure everything will be okay when I pass.