EDL Project

  • Going to Church

    Going to Church
    I want to start going to church to get my connection back with god
  • Read more books

    Read more books
    I want to read more books to expan my vocabulary
  • Buy a car

    Buy a car
    I want to buy a kia soul so i can travel around and get to and from school
  • Start Horse-Back Riding

    Start Horse-Back Riding
    I want to get over my fears of riding horses because i use to be really good at it
  • get an internship

    get an internship
    i want to intern so i can get more knowledge about my fututre job is.
  • Swim

    I want to start competivly swimming again so i can get more excersise
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    I want to graduate high school with a high g.p.a
  • Saving Money for College

    Saving Money for College
    I want to save money for college so my parents wont have to pay for alot and that i can have my own apartment and pay my own bills
  • Find a Job

    Find a Job
    I want to find a part time job working towards my college funds and to help pay for rent and everything
  • Graduate College

    Graduate College
    i want to graduate college with my doctorates degree and be a thearapist
  • Find a job as a therapist

    Find a job as a therapist
    i want to help kids get through tough times and i want to have a well paying job
  • Get married

    Get married
    i want to get married and a have a family
  • Finacially Stable

    Finacially Stable
    i want to be finacially stable so i wont have any studuent loans to pay off in the future

    I dont want to get divorce because i know what it feels like to have your parents divorce and its not a feeling i want my children to go through
  • Traveling all over the United States

    Traveling all over the United States
    i want to travel around the United States to see the different enviroments and cultures
  • Get a House

    Get a House
    I want to get a house in a small town because of the enviorment
  • Pets

    I want to get a animal before having kids so we can use to have responsibilities
  • Raising my child

    Raising my child
    i want to raise my child with love and care
  • Having kids

    Having kids
    I want to have kids so i can start my own family and raise my child