EDL 20 Goals Nathan Pettid

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    EDL 20 Goals

  • Graduate highschool

    Graduate highschool
    I want to graduate from Millard North Highschool and go to college
  • Stanford

    I want to graduate from Millard North with a 4.0 GPA and go to Stanford for a 4 year program
  • Graduate from Stanford

    Graduate from Stanford
    I want to graduate from Stanford as a Petroleum Enginner in a 4 year time span.
  • Find Job

    Find Job
    I want to move to either California or Texas to find a job as a Petroleum Engineer
  • Dog

    Wherever I live I want to have at least one dog as a companion
  • Home

    I want to have my own home that I can afford without debt
  • Married

    I want to get married when I am out of college and when I am used to my job, so around when I am 30
  • Kids

    After at least a year and a half of marriage I want to have kids with my wife
  • Friends

    I want to have a social life and keep in touch with the friends that i have in college and highschool
  • Vacation

    I don't want to have my job absorb me and and I want my kids to have fun so we will go on vacations a lot
  • Fitness

    I want to stay fit and in shape when I grow older, so I will go to the gym a lot
  • Religion

    I want my religion to stay an impotant value in my life
  • Doctorate

    I want to go back to school and get a doctorate after my kids are off and have kids of their own
  • Doctor

    I want to be a family doctor until I want to retire.
  • Own business

    Own business
    Open up my own buisiness as a family practicioner
  • Broncos

    Get broncos season tickets
  • Cars

    Collect classic cars and restore them
  • Leave money

    Leave money
    I want to earn enough money in savings that I can leave it to my family so they will have a comfortable life
  • Colorado

    Move to Colorado
  • Mountains

    Live in the mountains on a lake