• stay fit

    stay fit
    stay physically fit throughout my life so that i can be healthy
  • Period: to

    life goals

  • Learn to get out of my comfort zone.

    Learn to get out of my comfort zone.
    i wil try new things and work harder at trying to expand my horizons
  • get a car

    get a car
    i will get a part time job and try to save up money for a car so i can get around
  • get my first job

    get my first job
    i will put together a resume and try to get a begging job somewhere
  • visit a spanish speaking country

    visit a spanish speaking country
    i want to learn spanish so that i can talk with my family that lives in puerto rico and understand them
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    i will work hard and get good grades in school and graduate
  • Choose a college that i want to go to

    I will find a coollege that suits the majors and minor i want to take
  • learn all the different types of welding

    learn all the different types of welding
    when im in college i want to learn how to weld so that i can later get a job as a welder when i graduate
  • graduate college

    graduate college
    i will work hard in college my best and graduate with a degree.
  • get a job as a welder

    get a job as a welder
    after i graduate college i will go to work in the field as a welder.
  • own my first house

    own my first house
    once i graduate college and i get a job i will buy my first house
  • visit puerto rico

    visit puerto rico
    i would liek to visit the place where my grandparents are from and see what it is like and meet some of my relatives i dont know
  • get married

    get married
    eventually i want to find someone to settle down with.
  • go rock climbing

    go rock climbing
    once im out of high school and college i hope to be able to go have fun and do things i have never done before
  • have kids

    have kids
    i will start a family
  • learn to snowboard

    learn to snowboard
    ive always wanted to go up to colorado and learn how to snowboard it has always facinated me
  • pay off student loans

    pay off student loans
    after working for years i hope to have enough money to pay off student loans
  • go back to college

    go back to college
    learn anything new in my field because science is always advancing
  • go to europe

    go to europe
    europe is a facinating place i would love to go and learn about their culture and their lives
  • retire

    after working the mjority of my life i hope to have enough money to retire