Developmental Psychology Timeline

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  • Born

    Psychosocial, trust vs. mistrust: When a new baby comes into the world, they struggle with deciding if they can feel safe and trust the people around them.
  • Learned to read

    Learned to read
    Cognitive, Preoperational: During this stage, kids learn a lot of new words which would help with learning how to read.
  • Failed a class

    Failed a class
  • Got into a fight

    Got into a fight
    Moral, Post-conventional, It was okay for me to get into a fight because the kid was talking crap to me first, and he hit me first.
  • Get a job

    Get a job
  • Buy a car

    Buy a car
  • Get Married

    Get Married
    Psychosoial, Intimacy vs. isolation: Do I want to spend the rest of my life by myself, or do I want to get married and spend my life with someone else? If i get married I definitely won't be having kids any time soon.
  • Buy a house

    Buy a house
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    Developmental Psychology Timeline