Dental Assistant

Timeline created by BethAnn
  • Graduate

    When I graduate from highschool I would like to have GPA of atleast 3.7. I will hopefully have 10,000 dollars saved up for college. I will hopefully have sone scolarships due to FFA. When I graduate I wil hopefully be ready to go to college that fall.
  • Fist day of college

    Fist day of college
    I would like to go to SDSU. I will have to take a 2 year program to be able to get my degree. I would like to stay in dorms and possible go to college for a full 4 years. For a four year college plan with the cost of housing would be around 70,455.00. I would have to get a loan and pay it off after college.
  • First semester of college

    First semester of college
    My first year in college I will hopefully stay in the dorms, some friends, and got to kknow all of my techers. It may take awhile to get to no the area but i will do just fine.
  • Graduating college

    Graduating college
    When I graduate college I will hopefully have gotten all of my credits I need to graduate. I will also hopefully already have a internship for a dental assistant somewhere close to home. I would like to work with kids after I get out of college.
  • First day of work

    First day of work
    When I start out as a dentist assistant my anual pay that I will start out with will be about $22,680. I will hopefully be working at a childrens dental care. I like workin gwith children and will give me a great opertunnity to do what I like. Most dental assistants work full time.
  • Wages

    At a starting wage I would make about $3,370.
  • One year into my work.

    One year into my work.
    By this year I will be one year into work. I will have regualar patients and Hopefully by then I would already have had a raise.
  • Starting a Family

    Starting a Family
    After I have a full time job and very structural life, I will hopefully have two kids around the same age. I would like to live in a 2 story home with a big kitchen. I would like to live on the outer side of town. I like living in a little town but I wouldn't mind moving to a bigger area. I want my kids to have a school that I know they will be safe.
  • retirement

    By 65 I will hopefully have retired. I would have saved enough to be able to retire. I will hope to achieve my life long goals and have traveled to texas as a vacation. When I retire I would like to move to Florida.