D.Benedict French rev

  • Louis XVI clls the estates general

    to propose solutions to the governments deficit. the estates general sat until the 3 estates clashed, and many members from the third estate created a national assembly signalling the revolution.
  • parisians storm the Bastille

    The king was having a royal party in the batille and third estate women were mad at the king so they decided to storm the bastille looking fro blood of the queen. they killed the guards, decapitated tem and put their heads on sticksthen tey captured the king and queen and forced them to go to paris.
  • deficit spending by the government and economic reform

    the government started to spend more mpney then it was able to and they ended up loosing a ton of money. then they had to reform so then they could start getting money back and not be as broke or in debt anymore.
  • national assembly acts

    they reviewed all the debt and deficit and imposed that all the taxation was illegaly put onto the people. they belied every person is born with te same amount of rights. they said its ok to be any religion you want to be.
  • threats from abroad

    there was an invasion promised if the national assemblys half of the deal was refused.
  • civil war

    everyone starts to pillage people and kill everyone. the littlest thing could get you beheaded by your own fellow people
  • Monarchy Is Abolished

    monarchy is abolished in 1889 when the king gets executed by the guillatine.