Front cover pf rebelution mag  yusra chaumun x

Creating A Music Magazine By Yusra Chaumun

By yusra94
  • Research and Planning on Case Studies of Analyisng Two Magazines.

    I had to analyse two magazines: Blender and Vibe, also annotate layout, audince and genre.
  • Period: to

    Time Span Of The Beginning And End Of Creating Our Magazine "Rebelution"

    During these months, my group and I had to plan and draft out our magazine called "Rebelution".This timeline shows what we had achieve and produced within this period of time.
  • Preliminary Task: Of An LSC Magazine

    Preliminary Task: Of An LSC Magazine
    Here, I designed a front cover and a contents page of a college magazine.
  • Audience Research On Peliminary Task/ College Magazine

    Gathered feedback from an audience on your magazine. This was done in class and on social networking site: Facebook.
  • Drafting and Finalizing

    Drafting and Finalizing
    Here, I had to design and draft my own house styles for my magazine front cover, contents page and double-page spread.
  • Planning and Shooting

    Planning and Shooting
    Here, I took photo's using a Nikon Camera in the studios my opponent and myself to feature in our magazine.
  • Desk Top publishing and editing our music magazine (Separately)

    Individually, we had to edit our magzine front covers, contents page and DPS.
  • Planning and Scripting The Evaulation

    I typed my evaluation and had done a voice over to put on our magazine website.
  • Editing The Evaluation

    I Had use Final cut pro to edit my voice over of the evalution, which will then be put onto our website.