Country Timeline

By Twack
  • 5001 BCE

    Founding of Acacia (First Country) 5001 BMW

    Acacia was the first "country," but the cities in Acacia were far from the oldest. Cities of farmers date back to 12,911 BMW. War and disease stifled innovation among the communities for thousands of years. Acacia was the first territorial region that featured a large government, military, and population.
  • Period: 5001 BCE to 3070 BCE

    First Acacian Empire 5001 to 3070 BMW

  • Period: 4988 BCE to 4003 BCE

    Uccan Empire (4988 to 4003 BMW)

    The Ucca Empire was formed by the barbarians in the North, made of Jurras, Xianese, and Valkyries.
  • 4877 BCE

    Acacian Empire Spreads 4877 BMW

  • Period: 4850 BCE to 4102 BCE

    Sasnidi Empire (4850 to 4102 BMW)

    They built the Pyramids of Sazinai, the largest of which, the Pyramid of Anugan, stands 190 meters high.
  • 4800 BCE

    Eruption of Totakaqoa (4800 BMW)

    The largest eruption in recent people history, Totakaquo spewed tonnes of ash into the sky, lowering global temperatures by 10 degrees for 20 years. This marked a pause in farming and the end of the first age.
  • Period: 4731 BCE to 4044 BCE

    Kingdom of the Golden Isles (4731 to 4044 BMW)

    United the four islands inhabited by the Xianese and Timians. Famous for the gold mined on the coasts.
  • 4704 BCE

    The Sack of Urula By The Barbarians 4704 BMW

    The capital of Acacia, Urula, is destroyed by barbarians from the north.
  • 4605 BCE

    Argunus Secedes From Monjil 4605 BMW

    A ruler who was overthrown in Monjil fled to the East coast where he led the poor of the region to build up a small, but prosperous, land called Argunus, named after its first ruler, Argun Devos.
  • 4315 BCE

    The Burning Of Urula 4315 BMW

  • 4245 BCE

    Ung Gal Arises 4245 BMW

  • 4165 BCE

    Aureus City Is Founded 4165 BMW

  • Period: 4160 BCE to 3109 BCE

    Ung Gal Empire 4160 to 3109 BMW

  • 4110 BCE

    The War Of Eternal Sorrows 4110 BMW

    Even though the war's name has the word "eternal" in it, the war was only five months long. It was between Saiwan and Forn.
  • Period: 4109 BCE to 3110 BCE

    The Age Of One Thousand 4109 to 3110 BMW

    This was a regime that lasted 999 years under the Hwan Mang family. The Ung Galian empire was at its peak when a line of family members, known as the Immortals, reigned over the empire and turned it into a fascist country.
  • Period: 4095 BCE to 3100 BCE

    Hassanian Empire (4095 BMW to 3100 BMW)

    Not long after the Hassanian Empire rose, it was captured by Acacia and made a province. However, in the year 4095 BMW, the Hassanians freed themselves from Acacian rule and built an expansive sea empire on what is now the Puerto-Burhanian bridge.
  • 4044 BCE

    Gun Powder Is Invented (4044 BMW)

  • 4000 BCE

    Founding of Haidon 4000 BMW

  • Period: 4000 BCE to 3067 BCE

    Haidonese Empire 4000 to 3067 BMW

  • 3992 BCE

    Valkyrian Take Over Of The North 3992 BMW

    Peoples known as the Valkyries and the Bavarians formed a new Empire on the woodland continent North of Messonia.
  • Period: 3980 BCE to 2002 BCE

    Valkyrian Empire 3980 to 2002 BMW

  • Period: 3950 BCE to 3078 BCE

    Saiwanese Empire 3950 to 3078 bMW

  • Period: 3878 BCE to 3849 BCE

    Abega Gahlate (3878 to 3849 BMW)

  • Period: 3849 BCE to 3701 BCE

    Fussa Gahlate (3849 to 3701 BMW)

  • Period: 3791 BCE to 2998 BCE

    Varian Empire (3791 to 2998 BMW)

    The Varians were seafaring dwarves who sold salt, gold, and precious gems. The empire fell to the Braygan Empire.
  • Period: 3706 BCE to 2919 BCE

    Saiwanese Age of Depression 3706 to 2919 BMW

  • Period: 3620 BCE to 3447 BCE

    Haidon VS Monjil War 3620 to 3447 BMW

    This was a 173-year war that was started after Haidon tried to annex Monjil. Monjil fought back strongly, and a treaty was signed in 3447. Soon after the treaty was signed, though, constant siege of Haidon's capital occured.
  • 3465 BCE

    Adurus The Great Is Born (6936 BMW)

  • 3452 BCE

    The Caldera Is Built 3452 BMW

    The biggest city in history, The Caldera, was the epicenter of the Valkyrian Empire.
  • 3446 BCE

    Monjil Attacks Haidon 3446 BMW

  • 3440 BCE

    Aureus City Is Used As Military Base 3440 BMW

  • 3439 BCE

    Desagoths of The South Take Aureus City 3439 BMW

  • Period: 3152 BCE to 2987 BCE

    The War Of The Advent 3152 to 2987 BMW

    This was a war between religious Acacians and Ruferus tribes. The Acacians won, but suffered the loss of temples and cities.
  • Period: 3151 BCE to 3104 BCE

    The Bavar Wars (3151 to 3104 BMW)

    A collection of wars between several nation-states in the Bavarian region. It ultimately ended after Bavaria, the largest state, took control of the region and began its empire.
  • Period: 3121 BCE to 1976 BCE

    Bavarian Empire (3121 to 1976 BMW)

    The Bavarians were the tight-ship, no bullshit cousins of the Valkyrians. They were a military-oriented Monarchy-Republic that fought the tyranny of other empires.
  • 3110 BCE

    Captone Is Founded 3110 BMW

  • Period: 3110 BCE to 1 CE

    Captonian Empire 3110 BMW to 1 AHE

  • Period: 3110 BCE to 3000 BCE

    Bronze Age Collapse (3110 to 3000 BMW)

    Beginning with the destruction of the prosperous Ung Gal empire, the Bronze Age Collapse marked the mysterious fall of almost all of the Bronze Age Empires. After this period, Iron Tools became widely used.
  • 3109 BCE

    Ung Gal Is Destroyed By Captonians 3109 BMW

  • 3096 BCE

    Acacian Empires Reaches Peak (3096 BMW)

    Though lasting for another few centuries, the Acacian Empire reached its peak in 3096 BMW. It controlled modern-day Acacia, Velarusa, Messonia, Stern, the coasts of the Northern Friis Countries, Padu, Palmland, Xing Xang, Sadereus, Igatharius, Cie, Drui Clea, Eastwald, the South and Middle of Captone, the Puerto-Burhanian Bridge, Navio, the Western half of Holanas, Rulhando, and the far Eastern tip of Grey Keep.
  • 3051 BCE

    Velarusa Secedes From Acacia 3051 BMW

  • Period: 3011 BCE to 2594 BCE

    Favuan Empire (3011 to 2594 BMW)

  • Period: 3003 BCE to 2704 BCE

    Ishmïeli Commonwealth (3003 to 2704 BMW)

    After peacefully succeeded from the Bavarian Empire, the Ishmïeli, protected by mountains and thick pine forests, promoted art, theatre, science, and culinary institutions rather than having a large military. This was also the first society to adopt Marijuana as an entire society with 80% of the population using it in some way.
  • Period: 3001 BCE to 1877 BCE

    Braygan Empire (3001 to 1877 BMW)

    The Braygan people are comparable to what a mixing of the Mongols and the Vikings would be. When the ancient Saasvou people migrated from the coasts to the Belhanian Steppe, they brought with them their nautical skills. They married into the mountain people like the Oppis and the Gaccons, who would become the ancestors of some of the Belhanian people and the Braygans. The Braygans were ruthless sailors and expert long-range combatants, usually riding horses and Yadin Tricerotops.
  • Period: 2998 BCE to 923 BCE

    Second Acacian Empire 2998 to 923 BMW

  • Period: 2995 BCE to 295

    Velarusian Empire 2995 BMW to 295 AHE

  • 2841 BCE

    Nuwii, Balcove, Forn, Rusland and Timar Break Away From Saiwan 2841 BMW

  • Period: 2815 BCE to 1740 BCE

    Haidon Classical Era 2815 to 1740 BMW

  • Period: 2804 BCE to 720 BCE

    Captonian Prosperity Era 2804 to 720 BMW

  • 2778 BCE

    Great Wall of Haidon Is Finished 2781 BMW

  • Period: 2595 BCE to 2499 BCE

    Wazzakahn (Wazzi Empire) (2595 to 2499 BMW)

  • Period: 2495 BCE to 1880 BCE

    Gordonian-Favuan Empire (2495 to 1880 BMW)

    The end of Favuan Empire in the South lead to the Northern half revolting. It became the Gordonian Empire, reabsorbing the Favuan Empire's lands.
  • Period: 2096 BCE to 754 BCE

    Sparcan Empire (2096 to 754 BMW)

  • 2066 BCE

    Huni Secedes From Monjil an Belhanian Tribes 2066 BMW

  • Period: 2011 BCE to 1999 BCE

    The Captonian War 2011 to 1999 BMW

  • 2000 BCE

    Holanas Is Settled By War Refugees 2000 BMW

  • 2000 BCE

    Start of the Fourth Age

    The beginning of the Fourth Age, also called the Age of Rebirth, is marked by the beginning of the Holanian Empire, which conquered most of the Equatorial Zone very quickly.
  • Period: 2000 BCE to 1011 BCE

    Old Holanian Republic (2000 to 1013 BMW)

  • Period: 1880 BCE to 1301 BCE

    Bavarian Reinstatement (1880 to 1301 BMW)

    After the Braygans fell into chaos and their empire quickly diminished, the Bavarians fought to conquer much of their original empire. This is called the Bavarian Reinstatement.
  • 1520 BCE

    Navio Secedes From Velarusian Empire 1520 BMW

  • Period: 1300 BCE to 1011 BCE

    Period of Warring Bavarian Kingdoms (1300 to 1011 BMW)

    The collapse of the Bavarian Reinstatement left the rise of feudal kingdoms in the homeland and in conquered territories. The small Kingdoms in Stern and Messonia would eventually lead to the spread of the Bavarian language in Acacia and the fall of the Acacian empire.
  • Period: 1022 BCE to 500

    Iotogan Empire (1022 BMW to 500 AHE)

    The Iotogan Empire lasted a while, conquering Huni, Monil, Celrea, and parts of Haidon.
  • Period: 1015 BCE to 966 BCE

    Holanian Military Dictatorship

  • Period: 1009 BCE to 60 BCE

    Haidonian Renaissance (Taggou Period) (1009 BMW to 60 BMW)

    This was the rebirth of Haidonian culture. Though under join Captonian and Iotagan rule, Haidonian lords amassed great followings of skilled warriors who would fight loyally in return for payment and land. They were called "Taggoulites", similar to Samurai/
  • Period: 966 BCE to 23

    Holanian Empire (966 BMW to 23 AHE)

  • Period: 934 BCE to 37

    Dreyysow Empire (934 BMW to 37 AHE)

  • Period: 922 BCE to 698 BCE

    Wayzikahn (Wayzi Empire) (922 to 698 BMW)

    Hundreds of years after the Wazzikahn was destroyed, the Wazzi people came back out from the Steppe and conquered the area of Kekistan, Ursia, Houstone, Onu, and Chai Ong. They were far more brutal and destructive than their ancestors, killing over 20 million people. They are also responsible for spreading coastal technology to the inner lands of Chai Ong and Houstone.
  • Period: 903 BCE to 2

    Messonian Empire (903 BMW to 2 AHE

    The Messonian Empire conquered the Messonian region and large territories in the Velarusian Empire, but ultimately fell along side the Iotogan and Dreyysow Empires after Holanas invaded the Equatorial Zone.
  • Period: 820 BCE to 7

    Kingdom of Krang (820 BMW to 7 AHE)

    In 820 BHE, the island of Stern was invaded four times. Each one was by different groups; the Fassuos, the Drakons, the Hellens, and the Krangs. The native people of Stern, the Caconians, had grown weak since their war with Velarusa. Under the Krangs, the people of the island were united into the Kingdom of Krang.
  • Period: 590 BCE to 11

    Kingdom of Dornna (590 BMW to 11 AHE)

  • 503 BCE

    Celrea Declares Independance 503 BMW

  • Period: 301 BCE to 203 BCE

    Ollgan Empire (301-203 BMW)

  • Period: 211 BCE to 823

    Kekistani Empire (211 BMW to 823 AHE)

  • 210 BCE

    Bavaria Secedes From Vakyria 210 BCE

    A peaceful political group called the Wahrheitssucher seceded from Valkyria with permission from the King. This would be the second Bavarian reinstatement in history and the formal instatement of the current Bavarian rule.
  • 12 BCE

    Holanians Invade The Mainland

  • Period: 2 BCE to 24

    The Mycelean War (0 BMW to 24 AHE

    Once the Holanian Empire discovered the mainland, they began warring against every empire they encountered. The Holanians, armed with a formidable navy, rudimentary artillery, steel swords, and Goshi Fever, were able to subdue almost every army until the empires of the world came together at Mycelea in 0 BMW to combat the Holanian advance collectively. The war was unlike any seen before, killing so many people that entire rivers were choked with blood.
  • Period: 1 BCE to 17

    Ce Deystrom: Collapse of The Ancient World (1 BMW - 17 AHE)

    In addition to the Mycelean War that resulted in 56 million casualties, the delineation between Classical and Post Classical history is marked by the Ce Deystrom, meaning "The Great End" in Old Acacian. A series of earthquakes with unparalleled magnitude devastated every civilization on the planet and triggered massive volcanic eruptions that dropped global temperatures by 4 degrees. It is estimated that more than 90 million people died as of direct and indirect result of Ce Deystrom.
  • 23

    Holanians Flee To Holanas 23 AHE

    With the invasion of Holanas by the combined might of the Mycelean Alliance a success, all principle Holanian military forces were forced to retreat back to the home island.
  • Period: 24 to 604

    Grand Holanian Republic

    After the Holanian Empire fell, it was replaced instantaneously by the Holanian Republic.
  • Period: 203 to 786

    Tamson Empire (203 to 786 AHE)

    After years of Krang rule, the Velarusians invaded. They were stopped by Lord Tam and his armies 207 BMW. Tam died, but his son started a civil war with King Xander of the Krangs. Tam II ruled the Tamsons and won the war, starting the Tamson Empire. They conquered Stern, Messonia, and Rulhando.
  • Period: 233 to 602

    The Expansion Era (233 to 602 AHE)

    Many countries in the Equatorial Zone scrambeled to conquer other parts of the world and gather resources.
  • Period: 523 to

    New Bavarian Empire (523 to 1811 AHE)

  • Period: 670 to 433

    Greenlandian Empire (670 BMW to 433 AHE)

  • 954

    Stern and Messonia Secede from the Velarusian Empire 954 AHE

    This secession was a violent one, taking the lives of many innocent Velarusian people.
  • Period: 954 to 972

    Velarusian Messonian War 954 to 972 AHE

    These wars followed the Messonian and Sternian secession from Velarusa.
  • Period: 1012 to 1030

    Bavarian Depression 1012 to 1030 AHE

  • 1503

    Acacia Secedes From Velarusa 1503 AHE

  • Period: to

    Acacian Golden Age 1670 to 1724 AHE

  • The Train Is Invented 1705 AHE

    The first steam-powered locomotive is created in Haidon.
  • Period: to

    Acacian Messonian War 1719 to 1728 BMW

  • Period: to

    The Great Equatorial War 1831 to 1834 AHE

  • Period: to

    Hongus VS Ruferus War 1904 to 1924 AHE

  • Omni Haffan's Tomb Is Discovered 1904 AHE

    Omni Haffan was the third, and most tyrannical, king of Acacia.
  • The Atomic Bomb Is Invented 1954 AHE