Connor Taras

  • Period: to

    Connor Taras

  • Life Change

    Life Change
    A cat was Introduced to our family
  • Awards

    I Won the Masonic Temple award and the Lioness award
  • Secial Acheivement

    Secial Acheivement
    I Graduated Public School
  • Certificates earned

    Certificates earned
    Graduation certificate
  • Resume Completed

    Resume Completed
    I completed my resume
  • Job Interview

    Job Interview
    I hope to have this happen soon
  • Volunteer work Completed

    Volunteer work Completed
    I have around 36 hours completed already
  • Work Experiences

    Work Experiences
    by this time I will have work experience
  • Buy a car

    Buy a car
    I will proboly buy my own car when I get my licese and get 1 for my birthday
  • SHSM

    I dont know what this is but I will start it
  • Highschool Graduation

  • Start of Post Secondary

    Start of Post Secondary
    I will Be trying to get into a collage and working a part time job
  • Start of Career

    Start of Career
    hopefully i will start a career by this time
  • Start of apprenticeship or Completion of apprenticeship

    Start of apprenticeship or Completion of apprenticeship
    This will be the time I might start mey apprentiship
  • Career advance

    Career advance
    This is the time I Would like to be promoted in my job field
  • Relocate

    I might relocate but I probably won't
  • Buy a house

    Buy a house
    I will probably buy a house before I move out and I would like someplace in the city
  • Move Out

    This Is the time I would prefer to move out or maybe a little bit later
  • Completion of Post-Secondary

    I don't know when this will be completed
  • Start of second post-secondary school

    I don't know if I will be doing this or not