CJ Scott Psychology Timeline

Timeline created by BigGucciCJ
  • Moved with my aunt

    this event in my life is cognitive. i didnt really understand why i moved because i was young. i didnt think much of it.
  • adopted

  • went to Bullen Middle School

  • went to Bradford High School

    this is social. im starting a new school in a brand new environment, also i must apply my knowledge into harder classes
  • get a car

    I want to get a car for myself. This is satge 5 in soical. Its my own car and im being my own person
  • maintain a career job

    I want to find a career for myseflf. This is stage 5 because im seting up my life with a job.
  • married

    this is social. this is stage 6 of social. im figuring out who i plan on spending the rest of my life with.
  • kids

    i want kids which is stage seven of social. i want to be a parent and give to the next generation