English civil wars

Civil Wars (1642-1651)

  • Period: to

    1st Civil War

    King Charles I declares war against his own people at Nottingham.
  • Battle of Edgehill

    Battle of Edgehill
    The battle opposed the Roundhead led by Cromwell to the Cavaliers, supporters of the king.
  • Scottish intervention

    They sent 21,000 men to fight for the Parliament.
  • Directory of Public Worship

    Directory of Public Worship
    New public book, instead of the Book of Common Prayers.
  • Battle of Marston Moor

    Battle of Marston Moor
    It was the first major Royalist defeat.
  • Putney Debates

    Putney Debates
    Parliament is divided and a new army is created, called the Levelers. They disciplined the army by force. Principal agreement of the people which is a participation of decentralised democracy.
  • Period: to

    2nd Civil War

  • Creation of a Republic

    Creation of CommonWealth and shift of power to local Parliament.
  • Execution of the King

    First regicide.
  • Period: to

    3rd Civil War