Civil Wars (1642-1651)

  • Edgehill battle

    1rst battle of the first Civil War
  • Solemn league and Covenant

    Parliamentarians and Scottish agree for a presbyterian parliamentary system, against Charles religious policy
  • New book of prayer

    Charles I wants to impose a new book of prayer to the Scottish Kirk
  • Naseby Battle

    Decisive victory for the Parliament
  • End of the first Civil War

    Presbyterian reformation officially accomplished, theoretical pacification of conflict
  • Agreement of the people

    Manifestos for constitutional changings of the English State (published between 1647 and 1649)
    begining of the Second Civil War
  • Execution of Charles I

    Charles I is legally executed for "upholding himself an unlimited and tyrannical power"
  • Period: to

    Third Civil War - Anglo-Scottish War

    Invasion of Ireland, conquest of Scottland by England
    Final conflict of the War between Ireland Scottland and England