Civil War to Glorious Revolution

  • King Charles becomes King

    King Charles I becomes king. He tries to govern according to divine riights.
  • Petion of Rights

    Parliament enacts the Petiition of Rights. It bans the king from doing three important things:(1) passing taxes without the consent of Parilment,(2) quartering troops in private homes and (3) imprisoning a person without charges.
  • King Charles I

    Charles ignores the Petion of Rghts and openly favors Catholics. With the support of Puritians, Oliver Cromwell organizes a parliamentary army. THe conflict between the king and parliamennt starts the English civil war
  • Parliment

    Parliament wins total control of goverment
  • Purtians and Monarchy

    Charles I iis tried and executed. Puritians end the monarchy and the House of Lords . They try to set up a commanwealth, or state ruled by ellected represnitives. When this s goverment fails, Cromwell imposes martial law, or rule by the military.
  • Richard Cromwell

    RIcharrd Crormwell takes over goverment when his father oliver dies
  • Restoration

    A newly elected Parliament, tired of strict Purtian laws, the monarchry. Charlesk II the son of Charles the I comes to the throne. The return of monarchy is called the Restoration.
  • Glorious Revolution

    James's second wife also a catholic bears a son.Parliament fears the return of Catholic monarchy. It invites Jame's Protestant daughter Mary and her husband William of Orange to take ethe throne. William, ruler of the Netherlands, enters Enfland iin a bloodless invasion called the Glorious Revolution
  • Charles the II death

    Charlees II dies, leaving no children. His Catholic brothejr takes the throne as KIng James II
  • English Bill of RIghts of 1689

    Parliament requires William III and Mary II to sign the English Bill of Rights of 1689. it limits the moonarchy and states the rights of Parliament and the people. The king and queen rule as limited monarchs.