Choi, 3. Life Span

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    Choi, 3. Life Span

  • Prosel Park

    Prosel Park
    Playing basketball for the first time at Prosel Park.
  • Pizza

    Eating pizza after school. Waiting for the Basketball Game to start
  • BasketBall Team

    BasketBall Team
    trying out for the 7th grade basketball team
  • Soccer Game

    Soccer Game
    Lincoln Hall going to the champion ship with Parkview. Alexander Rodriguez making the buzzer beater from 50 yeards.
  • Joining clubs to get to know people better

    Joining clubs to get to know people better
    If you're going into a new school better join a club to know more people.
  • Home Coming

    Home Coming
    Bring someoen special to Homecoming
  • Taking the ACT and SAT

    Taking the ACT and SAT
    Better study for the ACT and SAT. This will usually depend on what high school you will go into.
  • Graduation

    this is the time for applying to go to College
  • Going to College in England

    Going to College in England
    Going somewhere far away from home, so you can be all alone. Without a parent worryign about you.
  • Getting married to my Wife

    Getting married to my Wife
    It's on my birthday. Also since its summer it's a perfect tiem to get married. Wind breezing through your hair and feeling all soothing.
  • Trying to get 2 children

    Trying to get 2 children
    trying to get 1 boy and 1 girl. Don't want to have to many children. Want a small, simple, loving family.
  • go golfing

    go golfing
    Many people say that golf is relaxing. So when I golf it's for time to not think about work and just relax.
  • Try and stay fit

    Try and stay fit
    With no time on your hands and your gaining weight at the same time. You will become obese and that is something I'm trying to avoid.
  • Family Dinner

    Family Dinner
    Since I'm the oldest male in my family. Our relatives will be coming to my house. That means Christmas, Thanksgiving, and probably even Valentine!
  • Retire from my job

    Retire from my job
    Getting old and it's at the point where I should stop working.
  • Climb Mountains

    Climb Mountains
    Every month in 2063 when I'm 66. I want to go somewhere fun and exciting that gives me a good memory.
  • Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving
    WOW! look at that shark. I'm getting older but just seeing this is amazing. I can already tell that this will be a memory that will NOT be forgotten
  • Making a garden

    Making a garden
    After arriving to the retirement home I want to start a garden.
  • Retirement Homes

    Retirement Homes
    Now it's time me and my wife go somewhere else. We can no longer live a big place for the only two of us. We are going to move into a wonderful retirement home.
  • No grandchildren?

    No grandchildren?
    I'm now 70. My son and daughter still haven't gave me grand children! My son is now turning 34 and my daughter 28. They both have a loving husband and wife but still NO grandchildren.
  • Coffin

    Its winter and cold. I had to go into the hospital because i was getting way to old. I think I will probably die at this age. Time to decorate my coffin to make it look cool.
  • Sky diving

    Sky diving
    On New Years I want to go sky diving. Since i'm retired i want to do everything while i can.