Chinese Immigrant

  • Birthday

    I Ching Chongy am moving to American because i need a better job. My life in China is terrible, i have no money. Working on the rice feilds is not doing a good job. I have to support my family because my father passed.
  • Entering America

    As entering Angel Island us Chinese Immigrants were not aloud in the U.S. The dock people told us to go into this building to get our physicals. My baby cousin and I walked across the steet. Sitting and waiting for 3-5 hours i passed the physical. Waiting and waiting for my baby cousin, a couple of hours later. They come up to me and say "sorry sir but he did not pass the physial, go without him. We will send him back to where he belongs."
  • Job

    After looking for awhile, i finally found the railroad job i was looking for. They took me right in. This job was not the best but its a job that i could get money and support my family back in China.