Ch. 18/19 Timeline Project

  • Jan 1, 1558

    Elizabeth Tudor becomes Queen of England

  • Jan 1, 1562

    French Wars of religion begin

  • Jan 1, 1571

    The Spanish destroys Ottoman fleet at Lepanto

  • English defeats the Spanish Armada

    The Spanish wanted to attack England to overthrow protestantism, but they ended up sending less forces than planned. The spanish lost to the English, who had better ships. On their way back to Spain, the Armada was hit by storms and further damaged. Spain was no longer the power of the world.
  • Henry Iv issues Edict of Nantes

    It made catholicism the official religion of France. Huguenots were allowed to worship and hold offices. Overall, it helped both Huguenots and Catholics.
  • Queen Elizabeth I dies

    Queen Elizabeth's death ended the Tudor dynasty. The next dynasty, the Stuart dynasty began when the king of scotland was named king. The new king, King James I, created the divine right of kings.
  • England has a Civil War

  • King Charles I is excuted

  • Witchcraft hysteria lessons

    People accused of witchcraft were usually poor and had not property. Most of the accused confessed, becuase if they did not they would be tortured. When governments gained more power, they started to stop the trials from going on.
  • Thomas Hobbes publishes "Leviathan"

    He believed that people should have one absolute ruler. He said that people were not guided by reason, but by self-preservation. To keep order, he said that the poeple should make a social contract to form a state.
  • Cardinal Mazarin dies, Louis XIV takes over power

  • Austria takes control of Hungary

  • Peter the Great becomes Czar

    Peter brought many ideas and things from the West to use in Russia. In order to make governing easier, he divided Russia into provinces. He also created a great military by recruiting peasants to a 25-year service.
  • John Locke publishes "Two teastises of Government"

    He believed that countries should not have one absolute ruler. He found it hard to protect rights, so he said that the government should do it. He did not believe in democracy, but some of his ideas are in our constitution.
  • Louis XIV dies, has 5 year old successor

    Louis XIV was the best absolute ruler. When he died, France had tons of people in poverty and enemies all around them. On his deathbed he told his 5 year old successor to not do all the terrible things he did, but no one knows if he meant it or not.