Career Roadmap

  • December 2021

    Aadi will be receiving his report card from school and SAT score. A minimum grade of 38+ in the school report card is required, and a 1430+ on the SAT. Chaitanya will be receiving his school report and will be requiring a minimum grade of 37+. Both will continue their CAS, and both will start planning on their CAS projects. Aadi will continue his football practice as an extracurricular, and he will have to write one post for his blog. Both will continue submitting work on time.
  • January 2022

    Most of January will go in vacation. Aadi will continue his extracurriculars, while preparing for his AP in US Government and Politics. Chaitanya will start studying for his SAT. Both will start shortlisting the universities they would like to apply to. CAS will continue as usual.
  • February 2022

    Most of February will go into returning to campus and settling in. Aadi will continue his extracurriculars and AP preparations and start preparations for the final exams in May. Chaitanya will continue his SAT preparations, and will work on bringing his CAS project to completion.
  • March

    Chaitanya will complete his CAS project. He will also give his SAT exam, hoping for a strong score. Aadi will start working on completing his CAS project, and will continue everything he did in February.
  • April 2022

    Aadi and Chaitanya will both celebrate their birthdays. They will both ramp up preparations for their exams in May, stressing out until they collapse. Aadi will also collapse of stress from the AP in May.
  • May 2022

    Aadi and Chaitanya will both give their IB DP grade 11 exams, and these exams will have a great impact on their predicted scores. Aadi needs a minimum total grade of 38, and Chaitanya needs the same score. Aadi will also give his AP, aiming for a minimum score of 4. Finally, Aadi will complete his CAS project. Aadi and Chaitanya will both take a short break in May end.
  • June 2022

    School will be on summer break, but not Aadi and Chaitanya! They will work hard on extracurricular activities. Aadi will work on a research paper on politics and intern with a politician. Chaitanya will also intern, but with a psychologist. Aadi will make a CommonApp account for his application.
  • July 2022

    School will re-open at the end of the month. At the beginning of the month, Aadi and Chaitanya will take a short break. They will both start working on their IA essays. They will also continue their extracurricular activities.
  • August 2022

    Aadi and Chaitanya will be back on campus. They will continue working hard. They will start preparing for their mid-terms in October 2022, probably the most important set of examinations in their life. Pressure much? Both will continue CAS and their extracurriculars. Both will start work on the applications and application essays.
  • September

    They will continue their exam preparations, extracurriculars, CAS, and college applications.
  • October 2022

    Aadi and Chaitanya will finish their exams for IB DP year 2, and these will have the largest impact on their predicted. They will continue with their CAS, extracurriculars, and college applications. Aadi will finish his ED application to Columbia University.