• Get my first tattooo

    Get my first tattooo
    This will be peramint so ill have it for the rest of my life it will be something very meaningful too me.
  • Graduation

    In 2016 is when grad will be at pci i plan too have all my community hours done and know what job i would like to do. The next year i will plan to go to collage.
  • collage

    Right afther i would like too go too collage to become a vet tech so i can get my bachelor’s degree in animal science.
  • vacation

    in the summer of july i plane on going back to czech for 1 month too visit my family members who still live there. I would like to go on this trip because i only get too see them once every 5 years and i met them for the first time when i was 10 and want too Czech with my twin sister katie too visit them and would love too go back for a month.
  • First car

    First car
    i would like my first car to be a vintage gremland.I would like this car because they are very good on gas and thet are rare to come across. I would probably try to get my own car by the time im 19 because i would need to travell more and living in the country you need a car to get around.
  • Get my first dog

    Get my first dog
    I would like too get my own dog while i have a job and free time too take care of it. This event will be important too me because it would be the first time i need too take care of something by my self.
  • First House

    First House
    When i am 22 i hope too be in my first house.I would like to be close too family or buy the house with a close friend or family member just too have some money left at the end of the month for other things. Plus i think it would be fun too live with a friend or family member but i will only live with them well im younger or not at all if i am in a long term realtionship.
  • Get my bartending licence

    i would like to do this job because you sometimes get good tips and paid so all the money i would make doing this i would put towards getting a collage education.
  • Married

    i plan to get married when i am 24 right after christmas and hopefully when i have finished collage and have gotton my degree.
  • My first one year wedding anaversery

    This will be importand too me because this would be my first year married too my husband and too see how the first year want.
  • Have kids

    This will be very important in my life because it would be when i start too have my own family. I would be taking on a lot more responcability and need too care for more.
  • Go on a road trip with my best friends

    Go on a road trip with my best friends
    This even will be importand too me because its a memory too look forward too.
  • my brother,sister and i all having our own families

    my brother,sister and i all having our own families
    This event is very important because it will show that we have all grown up.
  • 30 Birthday

    On my 30 Birthday i would like too have all the things on this time line done too feel happy and that i accomplished everything i set out too do be for my 30 birthday.