Ariel Timeline

  • Day to Life

    Day to Life
    I was brought into the world by Delia Rivera and David Villarreal.I was born in IL, alsip
  • Start of 8th Grade

    Start of 8th Grade
    In 8th grade I will try on being in the school choir class. I hope i'll make it because i love sing and i understand the music better than any other subject.
  • Bye-Bye 8th Grade

    Bye-Bye 8th Grade
    By time I finish 8th grade i'll like to achieve good grades, leader in at least two clubs. and at least make it into one honor class mostly math.
  • Alan B. Shepard High School

    Alan B. Shepard High School
    The high school i will be going to is Alan B. Shepard High School.
  • Life as a Freshie

    Life as a Freshie
    For a new year I would like to start with good grades and to make new friends.
  • The End to Fresh

    The End to Fresh
    By the end i'll like to make friends, be know from clubs like Cheerleading,Basketball, Track and etc. I will also be able to know the school as if they were my family.
  • Bye-Bye fresh hello soph!

    Bye-Bye fresh hello soph!
    As 2nd year my responsibility is to be good role model to the new fresh graders, be friendly and try get people to join clubs.
  • Junior Year

    Junior Year
    Junior year is to start really getting the good grades for colleges. My goal is to get B+ and up! So I will be able get into the college of my choice, so i can start my future.
  • Senior Year

    Senior Year
    By the end of senior year i'll like to be prom queen, in many sports,clubs, honor classes and the greatest friends i could ever ask for!
  • Grad to the End

    Grad to the End
    To experience the rough days, trying my hardest to achieve the class, and didn't fail to get my potential.
  • After High School

    After High School
    I would like to be a dancer. I will need to have a high school diploma. I will make about $13.16 per hour depending who I work for and where. I will attend Depaul University in Chicago IL.
  • Goodbye School

    Goodbye School
    By the end of college i would like to see my family be there for me from the beginning to end of college.I hope to feel great and achievement.
  • Meet One Direction!

    Meet One Direction!
    To meet all 5 members of One Direction Harry,Niall,Liam,Louis, and Zayn.
  • The Love Life

    The Love Life
    For me one goal is to meet someone who will love me for me and will want be themselves that don't need to change to make them happy.
  • Family!

    My goal is to get married and at least have three kids. That is twins 1 boy and 1 girl then boy.
  • Job Career

    Job Career
    To be a dancer or to teach dance for the younger kids.
  • Pets

    To buy a Husky. It will be a boy one named Max.
  • Bye-Bye Life

    Bye-Bye Life
    I will like to die of old age.