Andreina Timeline

  • Welcome to the World!

    Welcome to the World!
    I was born to Maria and Gerardo Romero in Chicago IL. I'm the oldest of my family of 4 kids.
  • 8th Grade Here I Come

    8th Grade Here I Come
    I would lke to be in advanced art in 8th grade becuase I love to draw and I think it's the best choice for me becuase I'm good at drawing animals.
  • 8th Grade Graduate

    8th Grade Graduate
    My three goals to reach before I graduate 8th grade are to be in advanced art, be in the volleyball team, and to be an honor student.
  • High School is Here

    High School is Here
    The High School I'm going to is Alan B. Shepard High School
  • An Artsy Person- Goal 1

    An Artsy Person- Goal 1
    For my first goal I would like to be in advanced art in high school because art is one of my favorite things.
  • Volleyball! - Goal 2

    Volleyball! - Goal 2
    I would like to be in the Astro's volleyball team because I think volleyball is fun and exciting.
  • Driving Permit- Goal 3

    Driving Permit- Goal 3
    I would like to get a driving permit for my 3rd goal. I think it would be fun and cool to learn how to drive
  • G.P.A Chic- Goal 4

    G.P.A Chic- Goal 4
    For my 4th goal I would like to be an honor student and, or have a G.P.A of 4.0.
  • Super Reader-Goal 5

    Super Reader-Goal 5
    For my 5th and final goal I would like to be in advanced reading becuase reading is one of my favorite subjects in school besides art.
  • An Obstacle Course

    An Obstacle Course
    Two obstacles that might stand in my way to achieving my dream is money and hard classes.
  • All I Wanna Be Is a Vet

    All I Wanna Be Is a Vet
    The University I would like to go to is UIC. The career I chose is to be a vet for house and farm animals. the average salary is $46,514 to $103,950. To be a vet you need to take four years for a Bachlor degree and 4 years for D.V.M (Doctor of Veterinary Medical.) .
  • Done With School! Yaaaaaaaa!

    Done With School! Yaaaaaaaa!
    For my graduation my whole family will be there and I'll feel extraordinary becuase I got my dream job and I,m done with school.
  • A Tourist

    A Tourist
    I would love to go to Tokyo, Japan to see the famous statue of Hachi!
  • Once Again a Traveler

    Once Again a Traveler
    My third and last travel is to go to Alaska. I've always wanted to go to Alaska to see the other Balto statue, plus I love cold weather and snow too!
  • It's a Vets Life

    It's a Vets Life
    By 2025, I would like to be a vet in farm and house animals.
  • I'm an Artist

    I'm an Artist
    I would like to be able to draw really good and be an artist whizz at drawing dogs and other animals.
  • All Over the World

    All Over the World
    I would also like to go to NewYork to see the Balto statue in Central Park.
  • How Old!?

    How Old!?
    I would like to live to be 90 years old.