Amy's timeline

By amyshaw
  • First day of grade 9

    First day of grade 9
    Started my first year of highschool at Parkside!
  • Resume Completed

    Resume Completed
    I completed my first resume all by myself, with a little help from my mom.
  • First Job Interview

    First Job Interview
    I wanted to try and get a job at family video but their policy is that you have to be 18 or over.
  • Work experience

    Work experience
    I experienced working in a factory over the summer.
  • Start of Career

    Start of Career
    I started my career working for my dad in his factory this summer, I like to call it a career because its the only thing I can see myself doing right now until I figure out what I want to do jobwise.
  • Volunteer Work Completed

    Volunteer Work Completed
    I completed my volunteer hours working at the Backus-Page House Museum a while ago.
  • Buy my fisrt vehicle

    Buy my fisrt vehicle
    Sometime around my 17th birthday I hope to buy my first truck.
  • Complete High School

    Complete High School
    I plan on completeing Grade 12 in 2016, I'm not sure if i want to take a victory lap yet.
  • Move Out of Parents House

    Move Out of Parents House
    If I find a school close to my home I won't be moving anywhere, but if I have to move I'll move to an apartment or loft near my desired school.
  • Start of Post-Secondary

    Start of Post-Secondary
    I'm not sure what school I want to go to or what I want to become, I'm still searching and deciding.
  • Relocate to the other side of the World

    Relocate to the other side of the World
    If i decide to go to the University of Auckland to become a kindergarten teacher, I'll have to relocate to the other side of the Earth.
  • Finish Post-Secondary

    Finish Post-Secondary
    I plan on spending at least 4 years at either college or university majoring in whatever I decided to do.
  • Get Married

    Get Married
    I hope to get married and stay with that one person forever, but if the devorce rate keeps increasing I highly doubt it. I hope to get married in the fall sometime becuase I love the colours and the leaves everywhere.
  • Children?

    I'm not sure if I want children, I have a feeling I'm going to be a bad parent.