Agricultural Engineering

By TG3150
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Through out High School i plan on taking challenging science and math classes. Start my training of early by taking classes like algebra and calculus classes for math. For science i took biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • First starting

    First starting
    Starting job over the summer would be for a local company who hires kids out of high school to work. Jobs include to take soil samples and identify the weeds that are seen throughout the feild. For the whole summer make $6,000 roughly.
  • Start Collage

    Start Collage
    Attending collage at SDSU's agg programs to learn about agronomy. Take up Agronomy classes along with Ag & Biosystems Engineering; Animal Science; Dairy Science; Economics; Natural Resource Management; Plant Science; and Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences.
  • End of first of year

    End of first of year
    The end of the first year in college i took Ag classes and finnished with high grades throughout.
  • Work

    For the summer I go back to work with the same employer that i had before. I work as an internship learning on the job. Make about $10,000.
  • Second year of college

    Second year of college
    Second year of college i will take the ag buissness and math courses. I need to acheive a bachelors degree.
  • End of second year

    End of second year
    The end of the second year in college in South Dakota State University. This year I took courses on Agriculture and Resorce Economics.
  • Summer Job

    Summer Job
    My summer job is the same as previouse years but as of now i have gotten more knowlage and therefore make more money then past years
  • Next 2 years

    Next 2 years
    These next 2 years of school I will continuing to study agriculture classes at SDSU.
  • First full hour job

    First full hour job
    Find my first full hour job requires me to soil sample identify weeds in the fields and determan what spray should be used.
  • Start My Own Buisness

    Start My Own Buisness
    After 10 years of working the same job I start my own Agronimy service. This servece we do the main jobs that I have worked at before.