A2 Media Studies Time Mangament

  • Period: to

    A2 Media

  • Story board and shot list

    Produce animatic with cast at location to gain an understanding of the plan and video
    shots to be used to show what?
    blog post it
  • Target Audience

    Find out who is my target audience.
    Profile to be put on blog.
    Create focuse group .
  • Layouts for Print Production

    Research layouts for different prints.
    Draft minimum of 5 different layouts.
    develop/ narrow them down.
    Create a blog post about it.
  • Casting

    decide on characters for music video/ main start for lip synic.
    scout for cast members on reliability, avalibility and desirability.
    refer them to focuse group about them, what do they think?
    blog post about it.
  • Locations

    Find suitable locations and decide on a final location for shoot.
    Risk assesment for location.
    test shoot at location.
    write blogg post about it.
  • Costume

    Decide on possible costumes and then final costume for each cast member.
    Inform cast and have meeting about it.
    photos of costume.
    Post on blog
  • Plan for location

    Key movements, how will they be filmed?
    Areal plan of set
    where will camera/ actos be.
    Blog post
  • Deadline for planning

    Deadline for the planning the pack
  • Period: to

    Filming of music video

  • Deadline for Prints

    Deadline for print production e.g magazine advert and CD cover.
  • Period: to


  • Deadline for music video

  • Deadline for evaluation