My life over the next ten years

By gswartz
  • Period: to

    The next 10 years of my life

  • Go on a date

    to the movies to watch saw in 3d, then to the haunted hotel
  • Graduate Freshman year

    finally! :D
  • Back to school; sophomore year

  • get my dad's corvette for my birthday.

    it's pretty junked up, but it can be fixed
  • get my driver's lisence and by then have that corvette all fixed up

  • Graduate sophomore year

    one of the best days of my life.
  • Back to school; junior year

    another year... another boring year...
  • The end of the world

    Die... or not!
  • Graduate junior year

    another graduation? sweet
  • Back to school; senior year

    well, this is it... but i still have to go to school, until... then >.>
  • Graduate High School

    I'm outta dis joint! :D
  • go on tour with my bro and his band, i may be the keyboarder/pianist by then though :)

    i'm just the roadie... i may be the keyboarder/pianist by then though :)
  • get back from tour, plan for college

  • go to college

    dunno which, but i want to learn about physics, mechanics, robotics, computers, or cosmology
  • once i'm out of college...

    get married and move to the west coast to operate a nightclub and be a dj. just live the good life. my dream's not really too hard to achieve, but it's what i want