• Brentwood High School

    Graduated with a regents diploma. At this point in my life I was heading to a music college to become a music teacher.
  • Five Towns College

    Started college as a music education major!
  • Five Towns College

    Last year I attended this college. Decided to change my major to childhood education.
  • St. Joesphs college

    Started college as a child study major.
  • St. Joesphs College

    Graduated from college with a BA in child education. Now on to finding a job!!
  • Subbing

    Starting work as a substitute teacher in two different school districts.
  • Teachers Assistant

    Decided subbing wasn't bringing in enough income to take care of me and my son. decided to take on a full time TA position in Deer Park school district.
  • Leave Replacement

    Recieved a leave replacement position at Roosevelt Children Academy Charter School.
  • Kindergarten Position for upcomming year.

    I interviewed for a full time kindergarten position. Found out today that I was hired for the job!!!
  • St. Joesphs College

    Started masters in literacy
  • Kindergarten teacher

    Started a new school year in my own classroom.
  • new teaching position

    Hoping to have a new teaching position next year that is in a district and hopfully a little closer to home. My ideal classroom that I will hopefully get is a self contained special education classroom.
  • Graduate St. Joesphs College

    Graduate the master program in literacy
  • ABA Certification

    I want to hopefully go back into school to get my certification for applied behavior analysis, this way I can work a little more closely with special needs children.
  • School for guidance counsleing

    After recieving my aba certification I will go back into school to recieve my degree in guidance counseling. Since I have been in high school I have wanted to be a guidance counselor and help students who need it. My counselor in high school told me to first become an educator, this way I could relate better with the students. Becoming a guidance counselor will be the last stop in my career.