The Great Adventure of My Life!

  • I was Born!

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    My Life Timeline

  • Avery was born

    My 1st cusin Avery was born at Mission.
  • Started Dancing

    I srated attending Angies Dance Acadmy for dance lessons.
  • 1st day of PreK

    My first day of Pre School in canton.
  • Won Little Miss.Labor Day!

    This was the day that I tried out to be Little Miss Labor Day and won, I was so nervus that I made my Mom walk up with me.
  • 1st day of Kindergarden

    My first day of school at North Canton Elem.
  • I Learned How to Ride a Bike

    When I was at the beach my grandfather took me out on morning to show me how to ride a bike since I had just gotten a new one.
  • Went to Texas to visit my uncle

    My uncle Maurice was in Texas because he had gotten ingjerd in the war, so we flew out to see him.
  • Bryson was Born

    My littlest cusin bryson was born.
  • Hit my head aginst the pool, 4 staples.

    I regret this every day, I was doing a flip into the pool and I hit my head against the side of it, I was so scared. But when I got to the hospital they had to put 4 staples in my head.
  • Went to Orlando Florida!

    Me and Avery drove all the way to Orlando FL. We went to Wet n' Wild and Sea World.
  • Graduated Elementry School

    This was the day I graduated from Not=rth Canton Elem.
  • Got into Chamber Singers

    I had tried out to get into Chamber singers at the end of my 6th grade year and I got in!
  • Turned 13!

    This was my 13th birthday and because the snow I didnt get to have a party and I was so dissapointed.
  • Learned how to Wake Surf

    My aunt and uncle have a surf board and they used it to surf behind the boat at the lake, we call it redneck surfing but it is so fun.
  • 1st Day of 8th Grade