By ecvia1
  • Born

    Born in Atlanta Georgia
  • High School Graduation!

    Graduated from Lower Richland High School
  • US Navy Boot Camp

  • Went to Iceland

  • Left Iceland after 1 year

  • Lincoln is born

    Puerto Rico
  • End of Navy Enlistment

  • Job Start: Raytheon E-Systems

  • Move to Australia

  • Cheyenne is born!

  • Back to US from Australia

  • Job Start: MCI WorldCom

  • Job End: Raytheon E-Systems

  • Job End: MCI WorldCom

  • Job Start: Vartec Telecom

  • Job End: Vartec Telecom

  • Job Start: Marlboro Ranch

  • Job End: Marlboro Ranch

  • Job Start: Directv

  • Job End: Directv

  • Job Start: Ironwood Manufacturing

  • Job End: Ironwood Manufacturing

  • Job Start: KnuckleHeads BBQ

  • Job End: Knuckleheads BBQ

  • Job Start: St. Patricks Hospital

    Started working there
  • Finished at St. Patricks