First Nations and New France

  • Feb 22, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Made his trip to the new world by sailing across the atlantic.
  • Period: Feb 22, 1492 to

    First Nations and New France

  • Feb 22, 1534

    Jacques Cartier

    He made 3 voyages for france and he finall settled on the shores of gasp in 1534.
  • Feb 22, 1535

    Jacques Cartier

    After settling on shores he sailed up the St. Lawerence to explore more of the new world he settled at numerous aboriginal settlements and in 1536 he sailed back to France after having most of his people die of scurvy.
  • Feb 22, 1542

    Jacques Cartier

    Returned back to the new world and made new settlements, again near Stadaconda.
  • Sameul de Champlain

    Considere the founder of New France built a building in quebec. The settlement flourished economically and responded to the interests of business partners his sponsors and followed the kings wishes.
  • Population Threats

    The land the Sameul de Champlain had founded was seeing a threat for there population, it was only 3000 and only 1175 of them are canadian born.
  • Treaty of Utrecht

    This treaty signing occured because of the battle for dominance in the fur trade industry between the Aboriginals and the French. The treaty states that the French are to retain access from Cape Breton island, fishing rights in Newfoundland and the islands down the St. Lawrence river.
  • Mixed Marriages

    In 1735 the king Louie forbid mixed marriages,
  • Treaty of Paris

    France and Great Britain signed the treaty of Paris after the conquest, The treaty involved a series of land exchanges, this handed the control of new france to england.