French revolution

  • national assembly

    national assembly
    The third estate declared themselves th national assembly and made it the tennis court oath
  • Period: to

    french revolution

  • Versailles

    it was so that every estate had one voted and of course the first estate would get the greatest vote.
  • tax plan

    tax plan
    Louis XV I called esates-general to a meeting in Versallis to approve a tax plan.
  • national assembly

    national assembly
    decided to draft a constitution.
    They adopted the Declaration of th rights of man and the citizen!
  • Storming the Bastille

    Storming the Bastille
    The paris mob broke into the bastille prison and was looking for weapons!
    This was the beginning to the french revolution!
  • Destruction of the old regime

    Destruction of the old regime
    it was the peasants revolt but they feared the foreign troops though. but the national assemby had a strong effect on it and helped them.
  • declaration of a man

    declaration of a man
    The national assembly issued the declaration of the rights of a man
  • flee from france

    flee from france
    Louis XVI and his family tired to flee frane but were arrested
  • austria war

    austria war
    france declared war on austria
  • national convention

    national convention
    The national convention held their first meeting
  • king louis XV I executed

    king louis XV	I executed
    They beheaded him because the moutain won the national convention and so it lead to his death
  • Reign of terror

    Reign of terror
    The reign of terror begins (court sentenced 20,000 to 40,000 people to death)
  • constiution

    Robespierre was beheaded. reign of terror ends
  • Directory was established

    Directory was established
    A new consitution was adopted. and the directory was established
  • end of french revolution

    end of french revolution
    The directory fell and ended the french revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte takes control of the french government