rench revelution

  • Period: to

    french revelution

  • brief description

    general meeting opened at versailles, that breifly described the traditional voting procedure of the estates.
  • meeting

    the meeting of the estates-general opened at versailles.
  • declaring

    third estate declared themselves to be the national assembly and took the tennis court oath.
  • three days later

    the deputis of the third estate arrived at their meeting place to find the door locked
  • storming besteal

    beginning of revelution
  • ablishied

    reseam was abolished, and all french men were subjected to some laws.
  • pasted

    national assembly passed the declaration of the rights of man and the citizen.
  • harvests

    thousands of parisian women described by one eyewitness marched to vesailles
  • journy

    the family journeyed to paris
  • blah

    the newly eleced national convention brgan is sessions
  • lo

    firAT DAY OF french rpublic
  • ha

    king was beheaded
  • li

    the committee of public safety decreed a universal mobilization of the nation
  • huyf

    abolished the monarchy
  • hu

    gathered enough votes to codemn and robespieree was guillotined