Kate Milroy: Learn@home time line chpt. 1-5

  • Jul 20, 1500

    Change comes to europe

    by 1500 europe began to expeirience an insightfull change in its political, religious, social, economic , and intelectual life. Because of these changes, European history began to enter a new era; the early modern era.
  • Oct 17, 1517

    martin luthers nails 95 theses to the door of the wittenburg all saints church

    martin luthers nails 95 theses to the door of the wittenburg all saints church
    in 1517 martin luther nails his 95 theses to the door of the wittenburg all saints church in order to express some of his complaints.
  • James 1 becomes ruler

    James 1 becomes ruler
    When james 1 became the king, many things changed, for example... James strongly believed in the Divine Rights of Kings, and did not like working with the parliament. Although did make some foolish desisions, he did soem usefull things during his reign- his king james version of the bible is considered a great work of literature.
  • Charles 1 becomes ruler

    Charles 1 becomes ruler
    like his fahter, Charles belived in the divine rights of kings, and was unwilling to to work with the parliament. He relyed on his fathers favourite, the duke of buckingham for advice. Since charles refused to work with parliament, he often found unpopular means of rasing money.
  • Petition of Rights

    the petition was created to declare that no man be imprisoned, have his land or liberties taken away, to be outlawwed or exiled; exept my lawful judgement.
  • Charles 1 dies.

  • glorious revolution.

  • Seven Years war ends

  • American Declaration of Independance.

  • American Declaration of independance.

    The american declaration of independance is one of the most important documents of history in the world. It established a new nation, one the world had enevr previously seen before. The new nation; the united states, was based upon the belief that all people have certain right that the government could not take away.
  • louis XVI becomes king

    louis XVI becomes king
    It was said that louis XVI did not have the rght qualities to be king. While louis was king, he did not do much to improve the situations in france for the middle and lower class. Though his intentions might have been good, he seemed to have no understanding for the problems at hand.
  • The estates general summonded.

    the estate general was was a kind of parliament which met only as a result of a royal command. It included representatives from the 3 estates of france. The members of the first estate were the clergy, Aristocrats formed the second estate, and then the third estate was made up of the middle class.
  • Tennis Court Oath.

  • Monarchy overthrown

    With all the wars and other events had made many people very suspicious of the royal family. The national Convention decided that the new king should be tied for his crimes againt the country, ansd executed.
  • Reign of terror 1793-1794

    during this period the revolutionary government had extraordinary powers. A numbre of harsh laws were passed that were deigned to intimidate, or eliminate, anyone who disagreed with the radical jacobins.
  • Napolean crowns himself emperor.

    Napolean crowns himself emperor.
  • Civil code becomes the law in france.

    The civil code was a book of laws for the nation. Although napolean did not write the laws, he made sure they reflected the kind of society he wanted.
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle of Waterloo
    Even though Napolean was very successful in almost all the wars he was in, he was finally defeated for good and exiled to St. helena.