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  • Genevas Independence

    Genevas Independence
    Geneva wins independence from the duchy of Savoy, in the treaty of St Julien, after repelling a midnight assault on the city
  • James I Commissiones Authorized Bible

    James I Commissiones Authorized Bible
    James I commissions the Authorized version of the Bible, which is completed by forty-seven scholars in seven years
  • Peter Paul Rubens Paints Baroque

    Peter Paul Rubens Paints Baroque
    The Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens completes an altarpiece in Rome which is an early masterpiece of the baroque
  • Pocahontas and the War

    Pocahontas and the War
    The American Indian princess Pocahontas is taken hostage by Jamestown colonists in the first Anglo-Powhatan war
  • Thirty Years War

    Thirty Years War
    Bohemian nobles throw the Habsburg regents out of a window in the castle in Prague, thus triggering the Thirty Years' War
  • Frederick V Elected King

    Frederick V Elected King
    The Protestant Frederick V (elector palatine of the Rhine) is elected king by the rebellious Bohemian nobles
  • Bishops War

    Bishops War
    Covenanters seize control of Edinburgh and other Scottish towns, launching the conflict with England known as the Bishops' War
  • First Battle of English Civil War

    First Battle of English Civil War
    Charles I leads his army into action at Edgehill - the first, but inconclusive, battle in the English Civil War
  • Fort St George Constructed

    Fort St George Constructed
    The British East India Company completes the construction of Fort St George in Madras
  • Thirty Years War Ends

    Thirty Years War Ends
    The Peace of Westphalia finally brings to an end the Thirty Years' War
  • Charles II Crowned King

    Charles II Crowned King
    Charles II returns to Scotland and is crowned king of Scots in the traditional manner at Scone
  • King Philips War

    King Philips War
    A sudden uprising by the Wampanoag Indians against the new England settlements begins the conflict known as King Philip's War
  • Clock Hairspring Invented

    Clock Hairspring Invented
    Christiaan Huygens, inventor of the pendulum clock, now develops the hairspring - of great future importance in watches
  • James II Becomes King

    James II Becomes King
    James II, landing in Ireland, is acclaimed as king in Dublin by enthusiastic Irish Catholics