Section 16-3 Timeline

By jubi95
  • Charles I's Execution

    ~ He was found guilty of Treason
    ~ He was beheaded
    ~ This ended the monarchy
  • Exiling Catholics

    ~ parliament passed a law exiling Catholics to barren land in the west of Ireland
    ~Disobeying Catholics would be killed
  • Cromwell becimes Lord Protector

    ~ Challegesto order grew
    ~ He ruled as a virtual dictator through the army
  • Oliver Cromwell Dies

    ~ The Puritans lost their grip on England
    ~ Many people were tired of military rule and strict Puritan ways
  • Chalres II returns

    ~ parliament envited him to England from exile
    ~ He quickly became a popular ruler with his wit and charm
  • James II becomes King

    ~ He practiced his Catholic faith openly
    ~ Many English Protestants feared that James would restore the Roman Catholic Church
  • English Bill of Rights

    ~ This is several acts passed by Parliament
    ~ William and Mary had to accept these before being crowned
    ~ It ensured the superiority of Parliament over the monarchy