Africa/Islam/Byzantine Timeline

  • 330

    Constantinople is "born"

    In 330 CE, Constantine, an emperor, moved his capital in Rome to Byzantium. Later on, he called his area New Rome, or Nova Roma. But later, it became Constantinople.
  • 500

    Start of Ghana's Golden Age

    The start of Ghana's Golden age led to a very prosperous time and a very plentiful empire.
  • Period: 500 to Mar 20, 1453

    Byzantine Empire

  • 532

    Rebellion of the Blues and Greens

    In Janurary 532, while Justinian and Theodora were watching a chariot race, the Blues and Green went against Justinian and revolted.
  • 570

    Muhammad is born

    At about 570 CE, Muhammad was born in Makkah.
  • Feb 1, 632

    Muhammad dies

    After his last pilgramge, Muhammad dies shortly after.
  • Mar 20, 1054

    East and West fight

    In 1054 CE, the patriarch of Constantinople, Cerularius, closed all of the churches that were worshiping the west. Pope Leo IX (West) was enraged exocommunicated Cerularius.
  • Jan 1, 1067

    Almoravid's conquer Kumbi

    In 1067, the Almoravid's conquered Kumbi, and later, in 1240, Mande conquers Kumbi.
  • Muslims conquer North Africa

    The Muslims conquer North Africa.