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  • 800 BCE


    Old Norse poem (epic) about a hero named Beowulf. Includes examples of the barbarian behavior and lifestyle, as well as religious syncratism between Christianity and norse mythology
  • 80

    Germanic Tribes Tacitus Germania

    Tacitus wrote his Germania because he wanted to show how bad the Romans have become without angering the emperor. Did this by comparing Germans to Romans while lifting the Germans up into a better light, to make them seem great, even better than the Romans. This writing is interpreted in the wrong way by future Germans, creating Nazis
  • 313

    Edict of Milan

    Proclamation signed by Constantine tolerating all religions in the Roman empire.
  • 325

    Nicaean Creed

    Confirmed the belief of one form of Christianity, with one God. Announced that other forms such as Arianism was false.
  • 410

    Sacking of Rome by Alaric

    First time in 800 years Rome has been taken. Start of the downfall of the western portion of the Empire. Rome was not capital anymore, and was sacked many more times in years to come
  • 410

    English: Legions Depart

    In order to protect other vast regions of the empire, the legions left, leaving the major cities undefended
  • 438

    Wall of Theodosius 2

    Theodosius 2 surround Constantinople with massive wars for protection
  • Period: 476 to Jan 1, 750

    Merovingian Dynasty

    First race of kings of France. United all of the Franks in that area. First order since downfall of rome
  • Period: 481 to 511

    Reign of clovis

    converted to Christianity, therefore slowly making the other barbarians christian too.
  • 511

    European: Salic Laws

    Procedural code containing a long list of crimes and punishments. Also contains civil law, states that women cannot own land. Issued late in the reign of clovis
  • 527

    Justinian becomes emperor

  • 532

    Nika Revolt

    Revolt against emperor Justinian of the byzantine empire. Started at the chariot races between the different factions, but was fueled by the anger at Justinian for executing the heads of their factions as well as his reforms such as being in a constant state of war. Riots lasted for 5 days, but ultimately Justinian retains power.
  • 594

    HIstory of the Franks: Gregory of tours

    Accounted for 20 years of detailed and accurate history in his time period.
  • Jan 1, 610

    Anglo Saxon invasion

    Because the legions left, the people were left undefended, and untrained. The Anglo Saxon invasion was successful
  • Jul 2, 622

    Islam: Muhammad leaves Mecca for Medina

    Point when islam became a real religion as in medina, he gained many followers
  • Jan 11, 630

    Islam: Conquest of Mecca

    Spreads Islam to Mecca, and eliminates opposition against him. JIHAD
  • Period: Jan 1, 661 to Jan 1, 750

    Islam: Umayyad empire

    first great muslim empire. Centralized around damascus
  • Jan 26, 661

    Islam: Ali is murdered

    Creates shia sunni split, civil war
  • Jan 1, 691

    Islam and Judaism: Dome on the rock

    Original function is uncertain, but it is believed that Muhammad the prophet ascended into to heaven there
  • Oct 10, 732

    Medieval England/Christianity; Battle of tours

    Won by charles martel, over the moors, a muslim race in spain. Battle over the survival of christianity
  • Period: Jan 1, 750 to Jan 1, 1258

    Abbasid empire

    overthrew umayyad caliphate. was destroyed by mongol invasion. Moved the capital to Baghdad, and started focusing east instead of west
  • Period: Jan 1, 750 to Jan 1, 887

    Carolingian Dynasty

    Family of Frankish aristocrats, controlled western France.
  • Jan 1, 751

    Pepin the Short

    first Carolingian king. father of Charlemagne
  • Dec 25, 800

    Europe: Charlemagne is Crowned

    Charlemagne is crowned emperor of Rome. First emperor crowned in over a hundred years. Organizes a power structure in medieval Europe
  • Period: Jan 1, 950 to Jan 1, 1192

    Islam: Seljuks

    Turkish people who converted to Sunni islam. Were able to conquer most of Persia, and were not very tolerant of other "pagan" religions.
  • Jan 1, 1054

    Great Schism

    The split between the Greek orthodox and roman catholic church.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1189 to Jan 1, 1192

    Europe: Third Crusade

    Christians try to capture it from Saladin
  • Jan 1, 1200

    Prose Edda

    A text of old Norse poems written by Snorii Sturlson, one of the first attempts to devise a rational explanation for mythological and legendary events. First time someone had recorded values of the Germanic tribes, as they did not write anything down
  • Period: Jan 1, 1202 to Jan 1, 1204

    4th crusade

    Crusade called by Pope Innocent III to conquer Jerusalem by going through Egypt
  • Jan 1, 1325

    Islam: Ibn Battuta

    Traveled all across Asia on pilgrimage to mecca, and wrote down accounts of his travels