English Revolution

By bindij
  • James the first

    James the first
    james the firstJames the first became the king of scottland when he was 1 years old. He became the king of england in 1603. He wasnt really a good king. He did do some good deeds like write a bible but he acted in a foolish manor to be respected. James tryed to get money without consulting the parlament because the parlament said that they are only going to give him money in exchange for some of his power.
  • charles the first

    charles the first
    http://images1.fanpop.com/images/photos/2300000/King-Charles-II-of-England-kings-and-queens-2322866-400-685.jpg King Charles didnt believe in comprimse. He found ways to do things without the parlament. he was the type of king that was kept to himself and not around people. He loved to buy lots of fine possessions. Charles wanted money from the parlament and they would want power in exchange. Charles didnt like that so he dissolved the parlament and re made it.
  • The petition of right

    The petition of right
    This was the rights that the king had. Thinns that he couldnt do. some or thew things on it were that someone cannot be held imprisoned if he is guilty and didnt do anything wrong.
  • the long parlament

    the long parlament
    Charles tryed to force the scots to worship by the style of the church of england. He really needed money now. he now made a new parlament calles the long parlament. He listened to what they wanted and he did it so he can get the money he wanted. He invated the house of commons with 500 solders but the people new that he was coming so they escaped and made a army.
  • the civil war

    the civil war
    The civil war was terrible. There were so many wars going on in between each the places. The war went on for seven years. the cause was Charles greed and the fight between the king and the parlament and religious rights.
  • The rump parlament

    The rump parlament
    During the war members of the parlament had left the parlament to fight for the king. Now that some were gone the puritans and the presbyterians were in charge. They disagreed about things like religion. The puritans wanted it all to be about the good and the words of the bible with everything plane while the others wanted everything to be nice and fancy.
  • Charles in trial

    Charles in trial
    Charles was in trial for trying to over throw himself. He kept asking how he tryed to overthrow himself. The court found him guilty of charged and he was sentenced to death. Before he was killed he put on some of his best clothing and ate food like a normal person because he wanted to die powerful.
  • Charles the second

    Charles the second
    Charles the second
    Carles the second was actually a good king. he was a fun-loving person. He also agreed with the parlament and they're rules of how much power he can have.
  • The fight with the parlament

    The fight with the parlament
    charles didnt like how the parlament wanted some of his power in exchange of money so he had dissolved the parlament. But then he needed more money so he recalled them but the same thing happened agian. So he was trying to rule wothout them but with his friends Lord Strafford and Archbishop Laud. But because no one liked them there was a fight. the puritans attacked the churches.
  • The glorious revolution

    The glorious revolution
    the revolution
    The revolution all started when Charles the second died. There was this man in 1678 who said that he will take contral over england and this had people panicking. The man was catholic and he wanted to control everything not the parliment. The Divine rights were dead. But there was a bill of rights that ment the parliment controls everything.