English Revolution Timeline

By klowie
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    English Revolution History

    This is a time line about what i think were the most important time periods between the 1600's & 1690's .
  • James I Dies

    James I [Online image] Available, March 1, 2011After James I died of stomach problems in 1625 he left his son Charles I in charge of the kigdom. This is an important event becuase James was the king so, he was a very important person.
  • Parliament Recalled. In 1628 Charles recalled parliament.

    In 1628 Charles recalled parliament. In hope of them feeling as if there was some consequences if the parliament didn't give him the money he wanted. His hopes were ruined when the parliament told him that he isn't getting more money, Unless he sighned a new charter the "Petition Of Right". But he just dissolved the parliament again, and decided to rule without it. This is an important because the king took everyones money, and he dissovled the parliament whitch is what organized everything
  • Charles Is In Trouble

    In 1637 Charles was in big trouble. He alienated the English people on political & religious grounds. Now Charles is also alienating the Scottish people as well, He tried to force the people to worship the same way as they did in the Church of England. This was important because the people were getting very angry with him and it was a big deal to the people.
  • The Triumph Of Parliament

    When the city of Drogheda resisted, Cromwell's soliders massacred its entire garrison. All catholic landowners in north Irleand were removed from their farms. This was important because the landowners were taken away from their lands. so they could not work.
  • The Civil War

    English Civil War [Online image] Available, March 1, 2011Civil war is people in a country fighting with each other. Charles hoped for a quick victory, but it went on for seven years and that tore his country apart. There was no English army. Each side had to make their own form scratched. Of corse Charles had the advantage. His supporters called "Cavaliers" or "Roylists" came from trained noble famlies. The parliaments army were local militia, with almost no experience. This was important because it was a war and it made a huge impact on the country.
  • The Trail Of The King

    King Charles [Online image] Available, March 1,2011In 1649 treason ment to try and over throw the king. Charles was on trial for trying to over throw himself. As they were arguing, Charles hit his walking stick oin the floor and the head fell off. Both Charles and spectators swear they saw an eviel omen. After a very large trail, he was found guilty and was sentanced to death. The day of Charles execution he wore his finest clothes and was convinced he would die with some dignity. This was important because they were left with no other king.
  • The Lord Protectors Death

    Oliver CromwellOliver Cromwell, the protecter of the counrty regarded himself as a faliure. He grew to be like Charles and was a dictator himself. He died in 1658 and left his son Richard to be the protector, but he was proven incapable. So the republican experiment was over. This was important because once again they were left with no ruler.
  • The Restoration

    The new parliament decided to restore the monarchy and house of lords and it invited charles II to become the new king of England.this is important because there is now a new parliament and king.
  • The Glorious Revolution

    Charles II died, and that created a problem for parliament, His successur, James II was Catholic. James made it clear that he believed in the Divine Right Of Kings, and ment to take power away from parliament. Soon after, came rebellions. The support for james was lost. Judge Jeffries conducted courts thats ordered to execute any suspected rebels. Parliament leaders were very distressed byt the kings actions and intentions. This is important because it's very unfair to kill people with no proof.
  • Bill Of Rights

    Bill Of Rights [Online image] Available, March 1, 2011Mary and Willaim agreed to the terms to the new Bill Of Rights. This made it clear that parliament was now the real government of the country. This is important because the Bill Of Rights was new and improved and Mary and Willaim approved of it.