MY Life, My Jobs

  • Date Born

    Born in the city of Whistler Alabama
  • Preschool

    Preschool teacher was Mrs. Packer, and the school was located in Trinity Gardens, Alabama. Trinity Gardens in located within the Prichard Al. City limits.
  • Elementary School

    Martha Thomas, was the elementary school i attended. It was located in Whistler Al, which is located in Prichard Alabama. I attended Martha Thomas through the 6th grade
  • 1st Middle School

    My mother took a job as a teachers' aid in Chatom Alabama. She was to teach at North Central High School. Being to young to leave behind, she enrolled my younger brotherand myself at North Central High School. It was there, i had my first musical experience. I was in the 7th grade
  • 2nd Middle or Junior High School

    I transferred back to Mobile, from Chatom, to enroll at KJ Clark in Chickasaw Alabama. This was the first time Mobile decided to intergrate the public schools. It got to a rocky start, but the idea held. I played in the band, and ran track. I help the school win several track honors while i was there through the 9th grade.
  • 1st High School

    Mattie T. Blount was my first high school. I played in the band, and was only there for 1 year before the school lines were redrawn, and intergration sent me over to Vigor High School the following year.
  • 2nd High School

    Entered Vigor High School, where racial tensions were still running high. Through it all managed to join the key club and i continued to play in the band, both marching and concert. I started a local jazz band, with some friends who were in the band with me at vigor. We played at some of the local venues in Mobile. While in the band at Vigor, we were able to go to the University Of Alabama, to participate in the State. Championship. Recieved honorable mentin in the Rankings. 5/1/1973 Left Vigor
  • Enrolled in College

    Attended Alabama State University on a music grant an aid. I played in the band all four years and toured the country playing in numerous NFL games. Alabama State had an all male band, that marched at 365 steps a min. and they were known internationally. I majored in Health & Physical Education, and minored in Music. Graduated in May 1973.
  • First Job

    Was hired at Courtaulds North America, as a lab technician. I worked there until hurricane Fredrick blew the plant down. Work at the plant was suspended until repairs could be made. In the meantime, i met my future-to-be wife, while i was laid off at courtaulds. She was in college in New Orleans. She convinced me to look for work down there. I did, and was hired by a local chemical plant.
  • Second Job

    I was hired by a company in Marerro Lousiana, just out side of New Orleans. Worked there in the shipping and receiving dept until my wife-to-be graruated and moved to Dallas Texas for work. In the meantime the plant had a slow-down in orders and did mass layoffs. I took the time to look for work in Dallas. I found a job in Dallas, working as a manager trainee for Delux Check Printers.
  • 3rd Job

    Hired on as a manager trainee for Delux Check Printers, in Dallas Texas. At this point my soon to be wife and i decided to move in together and save money to someday get married and buy a house. I worked for two years at Delux Check Printers, before being offered a job at UPS. My soon to be wife had accepted a jos as a flight attendant for SouthWest Airlines.
  • 4th Job

    In 1985 i accepted a position with UPS as a driver. My tenure there was only 1 year due to health problems. I left UPS in 1986 and went to work for State Farm Insurance.
  • 5th Job

    Went to work for State Farm as a claims adjuster. While working at State Farm, I married my wife, on December 19, 1986. Also on March 14 of 1987, my first son Justin was born. We bought a house that same year in Mesquite Texas.
  • 6th Job

    I left State Farm in 1989 to try my hand at being a marketing rep for a company called Emergency Networks. I was a local security company in Dallas, with a tremendous upside. The economy took a turn for the worse and i found myself back in the job market.
  • 7th Job

    I was hired by a fortune 200 Company by the name of American International Group(AIG). I worked in their physical damage department, which handled all losses related to rental cars, that were rented with a VISA or Mastercard. I stayed their until they closed down that department. They lost the contract with cc companies.
  • 8th Job

    I accepted a job with a company called Texas ALL Risk Insurance Company. I was hired on as a claims manager. I worked there until the company filed for Bankruptcy in 1994. Also,in December of 94 my second son Jared was born. My wife decided to retire to be with the kids.
  • 9th Job

    I was hired by a local ford dealership in Plano Texas , called Middlekauff Ford. I worked as a floor salesman for two years until i was offered a job at another dealership called Plano Lincoln Mercury.
  • 10th Job

    Worked for Plano Lincoln Mercury for two years until W.O.Bankston Offered me this new position called the internet sales manager. I took it
  • 11th

    I was hired on as the internet sales manager for W.O.Bankston Lincoln Mercury Saab. I went to school to lean a little more about the internet and how i could apply it towards the car business. After the info i learned at school, i became very good at selling cars over the internet. At this point my parents we getting older and i wanted my children to get to know them better. My wife and i decided to move back to Mobile Alabama, in March of 2000.
  • 12 Job

    I put out feelers in Mobile and it was long before i was offered and accepted a position at Grady Automotive. Most people dont know it, I'm the one who brought car selling on the internet to Mobile. I designed the tags for Grady that reads "" I Bought a house in west Mobile in March of 2000, and moved my family back to Mobile Alabama.
  • 13th Job

    Offered a job at Palmers Toyotas. I worked there thinking i would get the Assistant New Car sales Job. I needed a higher paying job to manage the bills and the note on the 2nd house i bought in 2002. It never materialized. I left Palmers Toyotas in December of 2004. My wife accepted a job as a realtor June of 2004
  • 14th Job

    I bought a third house in 2005 and was looking to change careers. My wife and i had talked and we felt we both working together could do well in the housing business. So she got her Realtors lic in Oct. of 2004, and i went into the mortgage business. in Dec.of 2005.
  • 15th Job

    After the mortgage business went bust in 2006 thru 2010, my wife and i decided one of us needed to get a guaranteed salery, with benifits. Since i had the teachers' degree, the logical thing to do was for her to stay in realestate and i would go back to teaching. I accepted a job as an aid, after i learned that my teachers' certificate had expired. I was told that i needed 9 hrs., at USA(recommended by the state), to teach in the state of Alabama. I'm currently working on those 9hrs at USA .