English civil war 2

The English Revolution

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    The English Revolution

    The English Revolution
  • James I became king of England

    James I became king of England
    James I was king of Scotland for twenty years before becoming king of England. I think this is closely related to the English Revolution because he was allied with the church and disliked the puritants. He always opposed the puritants as every sundays he encourage the people to have fun after the church, which the puritants opposed. James I. [Online image] Available http://www.internetstones.com/image-files/james-i-of-england.jpg , Febuary 27, 2011 .
  • The role of religions.

    The role of religions.
    It was illegal for puritants to hold their own church service and many of them were fired and imprisoned for their belief . A group of puritants chartered a ship (The Mayflower) to take them to America where the founded puritant colony. These were the many Puritants that settled in what would late be the New England. The Puritants and Protestants. [Online image] Available http://mrsmurray.org/images/puritans.jpg Febuary 27, 2011
  • Charles I became king of England

    Charles I became king of England
    Charles I was dishonest with the parliament. He Relied on his father's (James I) favorite, the Duke of Buckinghan for money.. The Duke of Buckingham led him in disaters after another, including the wars with France and Spain. Within a shor year of his accession to the throne Charles had alienate many poeple who might have otherwise supported him. Charles I and the Duke of Buckingham. [Online image] Available http://www.wga.hu/art/d/dyck_van/2portrai/dualport.jpg, Febuary 27, 2011.
  • The fight with the Parliament: Freedom of speech, Petition of rights

    The fight with the Parliament: Freedom of speech, Petition of rights
    The petition of right spells out one of the parliament's major compliants against the king. When puritants wrote satires attacking the government the writers were arrested and punished. The puritants violently attacked churches destroying priceless carving and paintings.
    An offender in pillory. [Online image] Available http://www.stronghold-knights.com/site/album/aubergine/pilloy Febuary 27, 2011.
  • Start of the English Civil War

    Start of the English Civil War
    Charles declares war on parliamentat at Nottingham. Charles was successful at first and won a number of small battles, but couldn't gain a decisive victory. Charles was forced to flee to Scotland, where he was made prisoner and handed over to the parliament. The Civil war Started. [Online image] Available http://users.moscow.com/khakimian/images/ecw2.jpg, Febuary 27, 2011
  • The trial of the King Charles I

    The trial of the King Charles I
    Charles was on trial as he was trying to overthrow himself and turning against his own people. Charles I death led England to a new reign as his son Charles II took over. Trial of the KIng. [Online image] Available http://www.intaglio-fine-art.com/images/trg161.jpg, Febuary 27, 2011.
  • The death of the protector Oliver Cromwell

    The death of the protector Oliver Cromwell
    He lost patience with the rump parliament. He divided the country into districs and ruled through major generals. He opposed the director-like power of the king and ended up becoming a director himself. After his death his son Richard Proved incapabled of ruling the nation and resigned as protector.
    The death of Oliver Cromwell . [Online image] Available http://cache3.asset-cache.net/xc/51243045.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=45B0EB3381F7834D0CFAAC98D577952F806A75E9FA4414CD294C7869, Febuary 27,2011.
  • The restoration of charles II

    The restoration of charles II
    The parliament decided to restore the monarchy and the House of Lords invited Charles II to become king of England. When he tried to protect the religious freedom of catholics, the parliament passed the test act which made the church of England supreme. Charles II died in 1885 and was succeded by his catholic brother James II.
    Restoration of Charles II. [Online image] Available http://images-mediawiki-sites.thefullwiki.org/03/3/3/5/59181553343743361.jpeg, Febuary 27, 2011.
  • Glorious Revolution

    Glorious Revolution
    From the Begining of the reign of James II, he infuriated the parliament by giving high officers to catholics, in spite of the test act. In 1688 the parliament invited James's protestant daughter, Mary and her husband, William of Orange to become king and queen of England. Mary and William of Orange. [Online image] Available http://www.artsunlight.com/NN/N-D0015/N-D0015-198-princess-mary-stuart-and-prince-william-of-orange.jpg, Febuary 27, 2011.
  • The Bill of rights

    The Bill of rights
    Mary and William agreed to the terms of a new bill of right. That document made it clear that the parliament was the real government of the country. These righs are the basis for the rights we enjoy today as canadians The bill of rights. [Online image] Available http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/billofrights.jpg, Febuary 27, 2011.