latin america time line

  • Feb 1, 1492

    christopher columbus

    christopher columbus
    he reached the carrebean islands in 1492 thinking he had reached the east indies.
  • Feb 1, 1500

    the inca extends

    the inca extends
    it extended 2,500 miles along the west coast of South America. It ran from present-day Ecuador in the north to Argentina in the south.
  • Feb 1, 1521

    spanish conquest

    spanish conquest
    by 1519 cortes and his men landed in mexico and marched to the interior all the way to tenochtitlan. by 1521 they conquered the aztecs.
  • independane for haiti

    independane for haiti
    haiti had finally gotten independance fom france in 1804
  • invasion to portugual

    Napoleon’s armies invaded Portugal.As the French army approached the capital of Lisbon, the Portuguese royal family boarded ships to escape capture.
  • simon bolivar

    simon bolivar
    he leads many countries of South America in their fight for independence from Spain.
  • mexico's independence

    mexico's independence
    spain ruled central america untill the 19th century and then mexico won idependance from spain in 1821.
  • agustin de itrubide

    Mexico achieved independence from Spain under Agustín de Iturbide.
  • dom pedro

    he was asked to rule Brazil as an independent country he agreed, and in September 1822 he declared independence from portugual.
  • eperor in 1822

    Agustín de Iturbide, who proclaimed himself emperor in 1822.
  • united provinces of central america

    united provinces of central america
    the whole region declared it's independance from mexico and took the name of (UPCA)
  • the split of the united provinces

    the split of the united provinces
    they split into separate nations and became...EL SALVADOR, NICARAGUA, COSTA RICA, GUATEMALA, and HONDURAS
  • the death of simon bolivar

    the death of simon bolivar
    he died of a disease. He died poor and bitterly hated, but it was not long before South Americans began to pay tribute to the hero of their independence.
  • independance for cuba

    independance for cuba
    a long time after haiti got independace from france, cuba had gotten idependance from spain
  • self-governing

    After an occupation by United
    States forces, the island became self-governing in 1902.
  • pancho villa helps lead the mexican revolution

    pancho villa helps lead the mexican revolution
    fought on the side of the Revolutionaries during the Mexican Revolution in 1910.
  • institutional revolutionary party

    institutional revolutionary party
    political party in mexico.It helped to introduce democracy and
    maintain political stability for much of the 20th century.
  • capital of brasilia

    the capital of brasilia was set in the interior of Brazil so it will drag people in to the middle of the place
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    was from colombia and won the Nobel Prize for literature