Working Girl

  • My First Job

    My First Job
    It was hard work, but somebody had to do it!
  • Free Money

    Free Money
    This was an after school job. This tutoring job offered to pay me to sit in a classroom and study for 10 dollars a day.
  • More Pizza

    More Pizza
    What can I say. I love Pizza!
  • Shoes,Shoes and more shoes

    Shoes,Shoes and more shoes
    This was a Seaonal Job at a local Shoe Store
  • FoodWorld

    I was a cashier. This was a fun job!
  • Summer Jobs

    Summer Jobs
    The kids were fun.I worked at a Child Development Center .
  • Clothing and Sales

    Clothing and Sales
    I like to make people beautiful!
  • Future Teacher in the making

    Future Teacher in the making
    School Work