10 Year career plan

  • Started at Parkside C.I

  • Period: to

    10 Year career plan

  • Resume created

    Resume created for future job references
  • Volunteer hours at focus fairview

    Helping elementary school children with homework. Several hours throughout different days
  • Volunteer hours

    Cleaning up fairview highway, two hours
  • Job interview

    Job interview at St. Thomas Dragway
  • First car

    First car
  • Completion of 40 hours of volunteer work

    Done set amount of volunteer hours to pass high school
  • Graduate from Parkside C.I

    Off to post-secondary school
  • Move out of parents house

    Need to experience living on my own before college or university
  • Rent first apartment

  • Start post-secondary school

    Could be college or university, preferably a BA in English for a four year span
  • Graduate from post secondary school

    Start career sometime after
  • Relocate to British Columbia

    Where i have always wanted to move to
  • Start career

    Start a career in what ever field I want to be in by 2019
  • Career advancement

    Start making more money and less stress of moving now that a year has gone by