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0AAA- Unit 2 Timeline- :O Ms Mueggenborg :D 600 CE --> 1450 CE

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  • Period: 224 to Apr 4, 651

    Sassanid Empire

    L:ast pre islamic Persian Empire. REcognized as one of the two main powers, along with the Roman Empire and its successor. Included many influential, historical periods.
  • Period: 250 to

    Maya Civilization

    Mesoamerican civilization, noted for the only known fully developed written language. Established in Mexico and central america.
  • 324


    The new Byzantine capital. Was moved after the disintegration of Rome.
  • Period: 330 to Apr 30, 1453

    Byzantine Empire

    The predominantly greek speaking eastern side of the roman empire became to be know as the byzantine empire. In 300 years it had lost most of its offshore-ish territory and became part of present day Turkey and sporadic regions in Italy and yugoslavia.
  • Period: Apr 8, 600 to Apr 8, 1075

    Ghana Empire

    Began Aprox 500-700CE. Expanded throughout west Africa. Great economy from gold and salt trades. Big military power, over 200k men.
  • Apr 8, 632

    Islam Shia-Sunni Split

    Happened shortly after Muhammad's death. People were disagreeing in who should take leadership in the islamic religion. Most people wanted the mayority to choose their leader, while a small group wanted the leadership to stay in Muhammad's family.
  • Period: Apr 8, 660 to Apr 8, 750

    Umayyad Caliphate

    The Umayyad Empire is the sixth largest empire in history. It was ruled by the Umayyad Dynasty. It was the first dynasty of the Muslim Caliphate.
  • Period: Apr 8, 742 to


    Charles the great. King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of romans from 800 until his death in 814.
  • Period: Apr 8, 750 to Apr 8, 1258

    Abbasid Empire

    2nd of the two great muslim caliphates. Overthrew the Umayyad, and flourished for centuries until its capital in Bahgdad was sacked by Mongols.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1000 to Apr 8, 1400

    Seljuq dynasty

    Sunni muslam turco persian empire. Was the target for the first crusade. Were great patrons for art, culture and literature.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1138 to Apr 8, 1193


    Became sultan of Egypt and Syria. Led battles against crusaders. Reigned from 1174 until his death.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1200 to Apr 8, 1573

    Inca civilization

    Capital in Cuzco (like the tv show) and absorbed many Andean tribes by 1400s . Largest Empire in pre-columbian America.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1206 to Apr 8, 1227

    Genghis Khan

    The founder and emperor of the Mongol Empire. Went into power by uniting nomadic tribes.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1206 to Apr 8, 1324

    Mongol Conquests

    The mongol Empire expanded throughout most, if not all Asia, parts of india, middle east and eastern europe. Largest empire in the history of humanity.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1206 to Apr 8, 1527

    Delhi Sultanate

    Name given to 3 regions in Indian territory. The dynasties were built with the Mali Empire which later the sultanate was absorbed by the munghal empire.
  • Apr 8, 1215

    Magna Carta

    English charter directly challenging monarchs authority. Required king to give off some liberties.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1230 to

    Mali Empire

    Founded after the Ghana Empire collapsed. Expanded from the original Ghana territory. Restored trade with neighboring countries and brought wealth and stability to the area.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1250 to Apr 8, 1517

    Mamluk sultanate (cairo)

    A Mamluk is a soldier from slave origin. This was a regime who ruled Egypt. Had a higher social status than freeborm Egyptians muslims.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1300 to


    Heavy cultural movement beginning in Florence and spread to Europe. Encompassed learning from classical sources, devleoping new kinds of paintings, Vinci and Michaelangelo are two best known artists.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1300 to Apr 8, 1521

    Aztec Civilization

    Central Mexico civilization. Practiced human sacrifice. Lasted until was conquered by spanish soldiers.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1312 to Apr 8, 1337

    Mansa Musa of Mali

    10th emperor of the empire of Mali. Made a big building program that build many great moskes and madrasas (schools).
  • Period: Apr 8, 1336 to Apr 8, 1405


    14th century conquerer. South and central Asia. Founder of the Timurid Empire and Dynasty.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1337 to Apr 8, 1453

    100 years war

    War for the french throne by two families. House of Valois (english rulers, founded by Henry's dad) and House of Valois (the French guys).
  • Period: Apr 8, 1340 to

    Songhai Empire

    Sonhai is able to gain independence from the Mali Empire. Is able to expand to on of the greatest islamic states in Africa. Became a thriving cultural and commercial center.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1368 to

    Ming Dynasty

    Time for great travelling, mapped the world and brought great treasures. Folding fan brought from Japan/Korea (became really popular)
  • Period: Apr 8, 1371 to Apr 8, 1435

    Zheng He

    Wiki, Zheng HeWas a Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat. Went in many vo9yages throughout the world and brought back many unheard treasures.
  • Apr 8, 1439

    Gutenberg Press

    First European to use movable type printing. Global inventor of the printing press.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1440 to Apr 8, 1505

    Ivan III of Russia

    Grand prince of Moscow. Reigned from 1462 to 1505.
  • Muslims Conquer Hispania (Spain)

    The Umayyad empire conquered Hispania. The christian visigothic kigndom of hispania. First few battles were done with north african soldiers.
  • Period: to

    Sui Dynasty

    Sui Dynasty, WikipediaChinese Imperial dynasty. Ended four centuries of division between rivals.Coinage standarized & Great Wall expanded.
    Buddhism expanded
  • Period: to

    Tang Empire

    Period of stability and progress. Preceded the Sui. Was the msot populous city in the world at the time. The Tang Empire is famous for itss stories, literature, dancing, music, and art.
  • Period: to

    Muhammed Praying

    Muhammed went to pray in a cave and he recieved a message from God to become a prophet. Islam technically started.
  • Period: to

    Establishment of the Holy Roman Empire

    Realm that existed for about a millennium in Central Europe, ruled by a Holy Roman Emperor. IEmperor power gradually weakened in favor of princes.
  • Period: to Apr 8, 1279

    Song Empire

    Was a time of wonderful invention and art, justlike most of the other Empires & Dynasties. First government in the world to issue paper money and a permanent standing army.
  • Period: to Apr 8, 1349

    Kievan Russia

    Large area founded by Nikolai Karamzin with slavic and scandinavian tribes. Existed until Mongol invasions weakened it.