The Book of Zoie [Life]

Timeline created by sswilliams19
  • Birth

    I was birthed on November 30, 2004 at 4:44 pm. It was a chilly Tuesday afternoon. My whole family was there to welcome me. They named me Zoie which means Life
  • learning to walk

    learning to walk
    i walked late because my feet were too small :$
  • Moving to Galveston

    Moving to Galveston
    I moved to Galveston when I was 4 years old. I previously lived in Houston. This was a major turning point in my plot line.
  • Kindergarten

    I started Kindergarten at Oppe Elementary. I was in the purple class
  • my first phone

    my first phone
    i was 9 (summer of 2014) when i got my first phone. it was a radical moment
  • AUSTIN :(

    AUSTIN :(
    MIDDLE SCHOOL. Little did i know these would be the weirdest, most formative years of my life.
  • hopping to League City

    hopping to League City
    my mom moved to league city :?
  • Jameson :)))))

    Jameson :)))))
    My brother was born. The best day of my life. We were both born on the 30th of our months.
  • city of angels ;)

    city of angels ;)
    i went to la after 5th grade because i was infatuated with the idea of the city. i was let down but also kinda not. saw lots of things. understand why they call it hollyweird
  • disney world

    disney world
    i went to disney world last minute for one day. it was really fun tho and we went to animal kingdom
  • getting glasses 8)

    getting glasses 8)
    big nerd energy
  • getting my braces :$

    getting my braces :$
    i looked very uGlY
  • Duke TIP

    Duke TIP
    i went to nerd camp :) it was very fun and i met lots of friends and learned psychology
  • 8th grade

    8th grade
    the best year thus far
  • meeting my favorite band ;-:

    meeting my favorite band ;-:
    i got to meet my favorite band yesterday. i got to speak to and high five them. it was a very big deal
  • going to alabama y florida

    going to alabama y florida
    going on vacation to pensacola and gulf shores :p
  • highschool :/

    highschool :/
    going to highschool at Clear Creek High School ;///
  • my first car

    my first car
    yee yee i can drive
  • Graduation

    In 2023 I will graduate with the rest of my class and I will begin the next phase of my life.
  • college :P

    college :P
    i will graduate college from CalTech, MIT, or UT
  • becoming aerospace engineer

    becoming aerospace engineer
    i will be an aerospace engineer and wow everyone in my field
  • first date with future husband <3333

    first date with future husband <3333
    we will meet at work or at a restaurant. i will use my charm to put him in a trance so he can fall in love with me
  • marriage

    i will convince a man to marry, something even i will be shocked about
  • my children

    my children
    i will give birth to my first child, one out of three, name to be determined
  • creating a revolutionary ship for nasa

    creating a revolutionary ship for nasa
    i will be extremely famous for inventing a spaceship ahead of its time while i work at nasa
  • getting an awarddd yee

    getting an awarddd yee
    i will get some sort of engineering award for my spaceship
  • my 7th car

    my 7th car
    i will buy my seventh car $$$ my husband will think it's my last but he is wrong
  • my grandkids :%

    my grandkids :%
    i finally got grandkids $$$$
  • going on dream vacation

    going on dream vacation
    i will go on vacay with the gals
  • retiring $$$

    retiring $$$
    i will retire after a lengthy and good career at nasa
  • great grandkids

    great grandkids
    i will obtain the great grandkids
  • livin my best life

    livin my best life
  • dying

    i will die after all of my bad decisions catch up to me