Your Personal Odyssey

  • You are born

    I was born in Tacoma, Washington.
  • Farewell to Ithaca

    I was going camping and I was trying to figure out what this feeling was in my stomach. I asked a friend and they said that I must be home sick.
  • Athena's Guidance

    My most helpful person would be my mother becuase she always say that I could do anything that I believed I could do. That one day it happened.
  • Penelope

    The most loyal person that has ever been in my life would be my grandma. She would say something to me and I would believe her and it would come true some time later.
  • Singing your Prasies

    It would have to be my bowling skill if not that then the way I would be able to keep my cool if I was in an argument. They would ask how could you do it?
  • The Trojan War

    The most creative idea I have ever had was when i was trying to make a paper airplane. It sounds lame but it was really fun for me.
  • Ino's Magic Veil

    The biggest thing that somebody has ever done was to take care of my greatgrandma when hse was in the nursing home. I would always see her and ask how she was and how the people were treating her.
  • Down to Hades

    I would want to talk to my greatgrandma and my uncle. I wish I could talk to my greatgrandma because I would always play agravation with her and my brother. Then i would ask her how dieing was, so i know what to expect to do when I'm about to pass. I would love to talk to my uncle because he was the best uncle but he was a great uncle to me. I would aks how the cancer was spreading through his boyd and how it hurt his family to see him like that. I felt so sorry for him.
  • The Lotus Eater's

    The strangest thing that I have ever seen was at Holiday World and this guy had these really big ear rings adn I would be able to fit my fist through it.
  • The Sirens

    The greatest temptation that I ever had was a bowling competition in Las Vegas. My mom didn't have the money for me to go for the top prize and that's fine with me because I know what money does to people.
  • Circe's Advise

    The best piece of advise was when I was talking to my girlfriend and she said that I don't need to leave her at all and that was the worst thing that I ever did to her and me.
  • Cyclops's Cave

    The narrowest escape was when I was arguing with my brother and he was thinking about fighting me and my mom stepped in and told him to calm down. I wasa ready to punch him in the face.
  • Defeat of the Suitors

    The time that the odds were really against me were when I was bowling and I was bowling my 300. It was going really well through the whole game until it got to the 10th frame and then everything started to shake. I thorugh the first ball of the 10th and it was scary when all ten fell. My last frame was the hardest situation I ever been in but I pulled through it.
  • Scylla and Charybdis?

    The most hardest decision I ever had to make was to see my dieing uncle for wait in the waiting room for everyone to tell me what was happening with him. ):
  • Calypso's Island

    The time that I felt trapped was when I got mad at my mom and dad. I was really mad and they sent me to my room and I had to sit there and do nothing till they let me out of my room. I didn't like anything that happened and after they let me out I apologized.