Year 11 general RE - Timelines

  • 33

    Conversion of paul

    When paul was converted to christ, Paul was an apostle according to the NEW testament
  • 64

    Persecution of christians in the early church

    persecution of the early church occured randomly in local areas from the start of it.
  • 312

    Conversion of Roman Emperor Constantine

    Conversion of Roman Emperor Constantine. Roman emperor constantine is often called the first christian emperor.
    In 313 AD he and another emperor issue the edit of milan guaranteeing religious freedom.
  • 1054

    The 'Great Schism'

    The 'Great Schism'
    Split the main faction of Christianity into two divisions, roman catholic and eastern orthodox.
    Today they remain seperate
  • The Reformation (European and English)

    Took place in 16th century england,
    When the church of england broke away authority from the catholic church.
    The reformation had significant affects for england.
  • Second Vatican Council

    Second Vatican Council
    the 21st ecumenical counicl of the catholic church.
    It produced a series of documents to direct the life of the Church in the twentieth century and beyond.