Catholic Church & The Government

  • Jan 1, 1376

    Pope Gregory XI returns papacy back to Rome

    -The papal residence was moved to France in 1309 because of French influence
    -After 69 years, Pope Gregory XI restores the residence back to Rome where it remained
  • Period: Jan 1, 1378 to Jan 1, 1417

    Western Schism

    -When Pope Gregory had died, there was a question in who the next pope would be and where he would live.
    -In Avignon, they continued to have popes over this period of time which are now considered false.
  • Jul 7, 1438

    Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges

    -Gave pope only name recognition in France
    -Limited papal authority and control of French Catholic Church
  • Aug 1, 1516

    Concordat of Bologna

    -King Francis I of France and Pope Leo agree to church involvment
    -King Francis I appoints clergy and Pope Leo receives all the money from the church in France
  • Oct 31, 1517

    Martin Luther Publishes 95 Theses

    Martin Luther Publishes 95 Theses
    -Begins Protestant Reformation in Europe
    -Speaks out against indulgences & other church corruption
  • Jan 28, 1521

    Diet of Worms

    -German leaders & Martin Luther presented 102 problems the had with the Catholic Church and what it was doing to the people
  • May 26, 1521

    Edict of Worms

    -Martin Luther excommunicated
    -All of his writings banned
  • Oct 17, 1521

    Fidei Defensor Title Given to King Henry VIII

    Fidei Defensor Title Given to King Henry VIII
    -Granted by Pope Leo X
    -Given because of "Defense of the Seven Sacraments" document
    -Ironic because of later actions by Henry VIII!
    -Shows how close England and the Church once were
  • Oct 30, 1534

    Act of Supremacy

    Act of Supremacy
    -Declares Henry VIII head of Church of England
    -Signifies the break away from Catholic Church in Rome
    -Makes it illegal to be a Catholic in England
  • Period: Jan 1, 1536 to Jan 1, 1541

    Dissolution of Monasteries

    -King Henry VIII got rid of all monasteries in England, Wales, and Ireland
  • Period: Dec 13, 1543 to Dec 4, 1563

    Council of Trent

    -Reformed the Catholic Church from the issues that brought about the Reformation
    -Concluded in 1563 after three sessions over two popes
    -Reforms mostly dealt with internal church discipline of authority
  • Dec 13, 1545

    Council of Trent Begins

    -Reformed the Catholic Church from the issues that brought about the Reformation
    -Concluded in 1563 after three sessions over two popes
    -Reforms mostly dealt with internal church discipline of authority
  • Jan 1, 1549

    Act of Uniformity of 1549

    -Took away more Catholic power in England by instituing "The Book of Common Prayer" as the only legal worship book
  • Jun 27, 1551

    Edict of Chateaubriand

    -Took measures against Huguenots in France, making it illegal for them to practice their faith
    -Regarded them as heretics
  • Sep 25, 1555

    Peace of Augsburg

    -Recognize Lutheranism and Catholicism in Germany
    -Allow German rulers to choose religion for territory
    -Church loses more power in Germany
  • Edict of Nantes

    -Issued by King Henry IV of France
    -Settled war between Catholics and Protestants which was destroying the country but tension remained
    -Granted Protestants civil and religious freedom
  • Peace of Vervins

    -Pope resided over a treaty between France and Spain to resolve a conflict.
    -Shows how pope and church were involved in world affairs
  • Test Act of 1673

    -Demanded all English subjects must take Oath of Supremacy against Catholic faith
  • Test Act of 1678

    -Required members of England's political houses to take oath against many Catholic Church beliefs
    -Prevented Catholics from entering both houses in government
  • Edict of Nantes Revoked

    -Huguenots are now unwelcomed in France and Catholicism has a revival
  • Act of Settlement

    -Prevented Catholics from receiving throne in England
  • Disenfranchising Act

    -Abolishing voting rights in United Kingdom for all Catholics
    -Repealed in 1793
  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

    -Took authority of the church in France away from the pope and made it a state matter
    -Dissolved most religious orders in France
    -Botched church relations with France
  • French Concordat of 1801

    French Concordat of 1801
    -Signed between Napoleon and Pope Pius VII
    -Brought back Catholicism in France which was attacked during the French revolution
    -Established good relationship with the Pope and France
  • Roman Catholic Relief Act

    -Repealed all Penal Laws enforced on Catholics in the United Kingdom
    -Permitted Catholics to sit in Parliament
  • Albertine Statute

    -Declared Catholicism the only state authorized religion of the newly united Italian States
  • Falloux Law of 1850

    -Required religious teachings in the public schools as well as the Catholic schools
    -Didn't sit well with Third French Republic so they instituted laws to replace it with civic traning
  • Papal Lands Dissolved

    -Lands belonging to the pope are taken away restricting residency to only the Vatican
    -Shows loss of power within the church
  • Aeterni Patris

    -Pope Leo XIII writes encyclical to help keep church in Christian philosophy and not fall into modern demands
  • Pope Leo XIII's encyclical, Rerum Novarum

    -Addressed church's position on the issues facing the government and public people
    -Resulted in democratic Catholic political parties and trade unions
  • Charles I becomes emperor of Austria-Hungary

    Charles I becomes emperor of Austria-Hungary
    -Last Catholic monarch of Austria-Hungary
    -Tried to make peace between the nations but ignored
    -Later, beatified in the Catholic Church for projecting good faith & promoting peace in his reign
  • Lateran Treaty

    -Granted full independence under Holy See (Catholic Church episcopal rule) to Vatican City
    -Vatican City declared neutral in all international affairs and wars
    -Agreed to by Benito Mussolini
  • Period: to

    Red Terror of Spain

    -Killed 6832 Catholics for their faith in Spain due to government civil wars
  • Period: to

    World War II

    -Catholics all across Europe make efforts to save the Jews from extermination by hiding them from the German Nazis
    -Some Catholics in different parts of Europe were also persecuted against during this time
  • Gemany Occupies Rome in World War II

    Gemany Occupies Rome in World War II
    -German forces take over Rome but leave Vatican City (inside Rome) alone because of its holy state