• Period: to


  • kindergarten

    I went to kindergarten.
  • primary school

    I went to primary school in GuangDong.
  • Chickenpox

    I got chickenpox.
  • HongKong

    I move to HongKong and be with my mother.
  • HongKong primary school

    I went to Sharon Luntheran primary school in HongKong,it is hard to find primary school to get in because I am not study from the base class,I am transfer to the new class,and I need to learn Chinese Traditional.I am difference form the other classmates,they learn how to write in Chinese Traditional in first grade.
  • America

    I immigrate to America.This the new place for me,this place is far away for me to return back to Chinese,I need to take airplane.
  • Middle School

    My middle school in Manhattan,the name is Ms131.My new life start in there,I don't speak English,I feel strange to everythings,I was crying everyday,I ask my mon when can I come back to China.
  • My sister

    I get two new friends in my middle school,their name is Karen and June,they are my lovely sister,I love them so much much much......
  • go back

    I went back to HongKong with my mon,my mon can't fit the weather in American and decide to go back,but my dad still stay in America.
  • after go back

    After I went back to HongKong,I went back to my school and I studying in 6 grade,my best riends is totally get change,she don't paly with me anymore,I feel sad about that,why our friendship is easy to borken,why she leave me along.....
  • go back again

    I move to America again,my think it is good choice foe me to stay in America,I can learn more English and get a better jobs in funture.
  • First day

    I go back to MS131,I cannot be with my old friends in the same grade,I need to stay in 7 grade,and my old friends are in 8 grade,I crying for that over 2 day,I can't believe I cannot be with them.also,I love them very much,why need to separate us.....
    Lucky,I get a lot of new friends,also my character is sister,I am the older person in 7 grade.
  • 8 grade

    Lalalala,I go to 8 grade in America,
  • Six Flag

    Our graduation trip is go to Six Flag,it is fun in whole day.......
    we go to ghost house,we play roller coaster,we play a lot of game......
  • Graduation

    I graduate at NYU collage,we all get graduate.
  • My high school

    I get into Brooklyn International High School.....