Timeline created by Chalona
  • First day of break

    First day of break
    On the first day of break, as soon as i got home, I left with my granny and went shopping. I bought an outfit for christmas day and when we go to church.
  • Out with my brother

    Out with my brother
    On thursday, I slept in untill 3 o'clock. After I woke up, my brother and I drove up to Hokkaido's for lunch. Afterwards, we went to the West County mall to do our Christmas shopping for our family.
  • Christmas eve

    Christmas eve
    On Christmas eve, my god mother came over my house from Texas, were I got to see my boy friend. After every one exchanged gifts and made cookies, watch movies, playing games, which was at 10 p.m, they left back to their hotel.
  • Christmas Day !

    Christmas Day !
    On Christmas, before my family and I went to church, we opened our gifts. I got a ipad, my brother got a basketball hoop, and my other brothers got clothes and shoes. After we opened our things, we went to chuch. After church, we spent the rest of the day at my granny's house,were we had dinner.
  • Down South

    Down South
    My family and I, made our way down to Mississippi,just before the new year. When we arrived i separated from my family to chill with my cussins, when one had her baby.
  • Back Home

    Back Home
    Just before New Years, my family and I headed back to St.Louis. I slept through the whole 6 hour drive, and when I woke up, we were pulled in the drive way.
  • New Years Eve

    New Years Eve
    On New Years eve, my aunt came over with her boyfriend, and we watched contagion and played monopoly. When it was getting close to 12, we watched 106 and park waiting for New Years.
  • New Years Day

    New Years Day
    When the clock hit 12, my family and I toasted to the New Year. My brother and I, drank the both the whole bottles of sparkling apple siter. Later on in the morning, we went ot church.After church, weheaded to my granny's for dinner.
  • Bowling

    On the third, all my sister, boyfriend and I went bowling. That was my last day with my boyfriend, then he would go back to Texas. I won the game of course, and won 20 bucks from both my sister, and boyfriend.
  • Last day of break

    Last day of break
    On the last day of break, I slept in untill 2:30 for the last time. When I woke up, I left the house and went straight to the mall with my sister, to buy an outfit for the Diggy concert !
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